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Alan Wake Walkthrough Episode Two: Taken

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New York city: Three years ago

You are in your apartment. Go to Alice then make some coffee.

The coffee maker is in the kitchen (WHERE ELSE WOULD IT BE?).

After the coffee part. Go to Alice then to your study to check the cover mock-ups.

The power will be out. So go to Alice with the flashlight. She will tell you to check the power outlets. The power is out so you will get a cutscene.

You will tell her about the clicker. A broken lamp switch that scared the monsters away in the dark.

Bright falls: The Present day

You are in the sheriffs station. You will be examined by a doctor. After the cutscene walk out and go to the sharrif.

Go to Sarah

After talking to Sarah you will get a phone call. Someone will tell you that your wife was kidnapped. Go to the back lot to see if its true.

After going to the back lot you will find this drunk fellow. Turn on the light for him.

Break the block of wood that will be here and go through the gate.

It's alice's driver's license. Now go back to the station. And exit the station. You will have to go to Lovers peak to save her.

Barry will call you. And he will come for you.

After entering the station you will see the TV. It's you again. Saying what happend. And says if he stops writing the world will end.

You will meet the doctor Alice told you about. Dr Emil Hartman. You will hit him... Hard.

Once getting to the cabins you will see Rose again.

This is Barry. Look at that face.

Enter here and talk to Rusty for a cabin.

He will tell you to fill in the registration forum that is on the reception table.

Fill it and give it to him.

He will give you the keys now.

This is where you need to be.

You can't get Barry's car. He has the keys.

Follow the road. It's a pretty linear game. So there is only one road to follow in this whole game.

After getting to the cabin where you got your cabin. Rusty will be attacked.

Enter the cabin.

He is almost dead. He tells you that the same happend on a page he read. So you need to go the other small cabin to get the lights on.

Get the light on here.

The darkness will consume Rusty. So you run off to help him.

You are to late and he is a different kind of the taken.

HE MADE THAT HOLE IN THE WALL. So you need to kill him because he is evil.

He is really fast. You can't see him when he is running. So be prepared to point your flashlight at him.

See you can't see him when he is running.

Once killing him go through here. The door will slam open. So go through the door to advance.

Now follow the road to reach Lovers' Peak.

There are even signs to show where Lovers' peak is

Ok now you will be cornered by enemies. So be fast when you kill them here.

Here you will meet a huge guy. You have to point your flashlight at him because he is hard to kill and his darkness shield is tough to break.

Here is how they look. They are seriously scary.

Just follow the light.

After calling the cable car. Wait for it and enter.

Crows will break the cable car. So you will fall on the ground and lose your flashlight

Now you are on the ground and a taken will kill you. A hunter will help you. He will give you a flashlight and some flares.

Thats him. He will say that that flashlight's kids stuff.

Follow him. And yeah you noticed him and suspect that he is a kidnapper.

Hold down the middle mouse bottone to use the flare. When you let go of the button you will drop the falre but if you hold the middle mouse button you will hold the flare in your hand.

This is where you will have to defend the kidnapper. He will open the gate and yo will have keep the bad guys away from him. He will shoot them.

After defeating them follow him to get to Lovers' Peak.


Use a lot of flares on the platform they are coming from everywhere on the platform.

After killing all of them. He will demand that you give him alll the manusripts in exchange for your wife.

You will push him off the platform and fall down.

Now you need to get back to the cabin. So make it through the woods. It isn't that hard. Just follow the light/road.

Oh yeah watch out there are these bear traps. If you get cought in one you will have to tap the left mouse button the escape. You can shoot them to activate them.

Cross all the fallen trees there are.

There will be a lot of generators for safe heavens. So start them if you want to live.

The darkness made this plane to fall. There is a supply crate there.

Now we have a detour. Reach the top of the mill and get out of the mill to advance to the cabin.

Now watch out this door will be consumed by the darkness. Use the flashlight on it.

Ok this guy is beasically OP. You have to boost your flashlight at him to shatter his darkness. And he still takes a lot of bullets to kill.

Ok good we are making progress. Safe heavens in this game are the best.

Now you have to get to Barry fast because the Crows are attacking the cabin.

Here you should find a car to drive to Barry.

The car is locked in the garage. The keys are in a house across the garage.

You will get another scene on the TV. You wil say about your story. How it grows, how you create it. etc.

Get in the car and drive to Barry. You can boost the car lights to kill enemies faster.

Follow the road infront of you. You can't miss the cabin.

Exit here.

You will get a call from the kidnapper. He wants the manusripts in 2 days.

You are at the cabin. Here are the crows. Go at the back of the house to get supplies. Like flare gun ammo and flares.

To kill the crows you need to point and boost your light at them. You can use the flare gun to kill them faster. Or use a flare to scare them away for a moment.

After killing the crows Barry will open the door and you will finish the episode.

Rose will call Barry saying that she found Alan's manusripts.

But she is being controlled by the women who gave you the keys to the cabin. Miss Jagger.

End of Episode two