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Alan Wake Walkthrough Episode one: Nightmare

You will be greated with a cutscene. You hit a homeless man and then he disappeared.

Go to the lighthouse because you are in a nightmare and you don't understand why. Just follow the road in front of you.

Once you get to the stairs the homeless man will appear and will start attacking you. So you need to run away from him.

He will corner you here so you will learn how to dodge here. Just hold shift and the direction key you want to dodge the attack. A cinematic view will appera if the dodge was sucessful.

When he disappers follow the road and you will get to this bridge. Cross it and somebody will tell you to get into the house.

The bridge willl colapse when you cross it.

A cutscene will start when you get inside and the guy will be killed by the black figure.

You will be stuck inside the house and you can't get outside.

After some time in the house you will get hurt and light will appear.

Follow the light. He will say something that is important in some way. He will fix the stairs. And you will have to cross it to learn how to kill the dark figures.

You will need a flashlight to shatter their dark defense.

Point the light at him. You can use the right mouse button to boost the light. That will use your flashlight battery and you will need to put another battery inside it.

When their shileds are shattered use the revolver to kill them. You aim by using the flashlight. You reload faster by tapping the R button faster.

This is safe heaven. It's a checkpoint and it heals you to full health. Always open these red boxes. They contain supplies. This one contains a flaregun and flares.

A flaregun insta-kills them.

When you see this. You have to run away from it. You can't kill it.

Cross the bridge and get into the lighthouse.

You will get another cutscene and you will be awoken by your wife.

When you wake up walk up to Alice (your wife) then go meet the guy near her. This guy talks on the radio. You can find out what is happening in Bright Falls while listening to it.

When you dock you will go to the gas station to find Carl Stucky

When you enter the gas station, the girl will tell you that he is out back. You will find these two gentelman. One of them wants you to play Coconut on the Jukebox. Just do it for the guy.

The jukebox will get stuck so just hit it to make it work.

When you enter here this lady will tell you that its dark and you will trip and die. Just go inside and find Carl Stucky.

Go left to the mans bathroom to find Stucky.

You will get a cutscene when a women in black gives you the keys to the cabin on the lake. So you say ok and go there.

But Carl Stucky gets out of the bathroom and calls you for your keys that you forgot.

Good you are at the cabin. Explore it a bit.

The power is out in the cabin so you need to get it on for your wife because she has Nyctophobia.

Go outside the cabin.

In the shad you will find a generator turn it on for her.


The present is a typewriter in the other room. You didn't want to write while on vecation but your wife brought it. And she says she wants you to go and see a doctor that helps famouse people and artists. Soooooooo... You have a big fight and you take a walk outside the cabin.

But the power is out and something is happening to your wife.

You get inside the cabin and jump in the lake where your wife was dragged.

And then you wake up in a car crash that you don't remember. Follow the road to the right and you will get another cutscene.

Throught the game you will find these manuscripts for another book you wanted to write. But when you read these menusripts, you realize you are reliving them.

You can open the menusripts by pressing F5 or in the menu.

Follow the road infront of you.

You are in a lumbermill. Find a phone here.

Here is Carl Stucky!

Run away from him, and get inside the lumbermill house. To call someone.

You will get a gun and a fleshlight.

Use the phone, to call someone. The telephone line will break and ou will have to kill some darkness.

This is going for the house you are inside.

You will find these arrows throught the game. They can only be found by pointing your light at it.

Following the arrows will lead you to supply cases.

Follow the road infront of you. Reach the has station.

Start the generator and turn around.

You will find this house. Get inside and grab some batteries and a shotgun.

You will need to start the generator to move some wood to make a bridge.

When you cross the log bridge. You will be attacked by enemies.

Get inside the house you will find a TV. You can watch Night Falls on the TV or you will see yourself writing Departure. Press the button to open a gate to move forward.


Don't use your flashlight on him. You will find a flaregun back there in the supply crate or in a red box and shoot him with it.

Once you reached the gas station you will notice that you've been absent from life for 7 days. So you don't know what is happening.

You will find a tv with you in it. You say that you need to keep writing to get the darkness away from the world.

Call the sherif with the phone.

You will tell the sherif everything that happend and that there is a cabin on an island on the lake. She says that there is no such thing on the lake. She will take you to the lake.

When you get there you will see that there is no island nor cabin on the lake. So she takes you to the hospital for the head injury.

End of episode 1.