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Alan Wake Walkthrough Special Feature One: The Signal

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You begin at the diner. Everything that happend before will happen again. The Anderson brothers want from you to play Coconut. And you should go to the bathroom.

Break open the door.

Zane will talk to you again. Through the bathroom mirror. He will give you a flashlight and a gun. When he gives you that exit the diner.

The world will start to change.

You will hear yourself on the TV. Now you are just insane.

When you get to the door. Enemies will ambush you.

Get out through the back door.

Go to the house where the light is coming from.

Inside Investige the light.

Go through that door to get to the living room.

You will get a manuscript from Zane and words will be around you.

You will point the flashlight at the word that says phone so you could hear Zane.

And the phone has a GPS system. Follow the point where Zane is pointing you.

Point your flashlight at every word in the house.

When you get out the house. Cars will attack you.

Get inside the house.

And point your flashlight at the word TOOLS.

Again the world has shifted.

The road is broken. First go right to get supplies then cross the road.

Continue following the GPS signal.

Point your flashlight at the word memory.

You will get a memory of you trying to get to the helipad.

So investigate the flare you saw.

You will be cornered in this park. Destroy all the objects.

Destroy the gate too.

The door is locked. You will need a key.

But yeah the darkness destroys a deer and it wants to kill you. Survive a bit untill the truck starts throwing itself to you.

You will see a word key where was that truck. Point your flashlight at it and Sarah will open the door.

Get inside.

Once inside go down the basement. You will get another of your crazy suicides. And trust me. From this point on it will only get worse.

Break the door to go down the basement.

When you see an enemy use the blast to kill them easily. And there are a lot of them here.

Climb the ladder. There is a word climb here. Point your flashlight at it to make it appear.

Follow the light.

Here is Barry. He says that this is all happening in your head.

Continue following the GPS signal. And yeah Barry will be always with you.

You need to get to that lumber factory.

Boom! is used like a flashbang. It explodes and kills everyone near it.

Here you will just be attacked by a lot of enemies. Use Boom! to kill them faster.

Possesed is an enemy. Don't your flashlight even touch it.

Use the turret word and point it at the word bridge.

Turret is a search light.

At this part don't look down. Just look up.

The crows are now your bestseller.

Don't look down with the flashlight. Or enemies will come and you will be dead soon.

Once in here. Your insane self will say that enemies will overwhelm you and streetlight are coming out from the ground.

At this part just follow where the lights are. They can't hit you in the light.

Get here and you are free for the time.

Climb up that blue thing there.

Start driving the car.

Get to the back part of this yard.

Press the button and haul ass at the door.

Monstertrucks are coming for you.

Inside are enemies. A lot of them. Shoot at the red barrels to kill them faster.

Climb up the stairs.

Point your flashlight at the memory.

Go down there

And your dick self will say that your enemies will overwhelm you.

Climb up the ladder.

Kick open the door.

Push this down.

Press the button over there to get a container to help you cross the canal.

Jump on it.

Climb up the ladder.

Jump down here.

You will get a memory of you posing for the cover for the book.

There is Zane. He says that all of this is happening because of you. Not because of the darkness. But because of you.

The TVs will attack you.

He will go through the wall.

Destroy the small TVs.

After defeating the TV in the warehouse it will escape.

Run for the TV to destroy it.

You will be unconcious when you get to it.

And at the end you will get a cutscene of you being crazy.

To be continued.

End of Special Feature One.