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Alan Wake Walkthrough Episode Three: Ransom

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You will get a call from Sarah that the FBI wants to talk to you for an unknown reason. So you end the call and follow Barry to find Rose.

Talk to the manager Randolph.

And this part really requires you to be like 5 meters behind Randolph or he won't go.

Now what's that boat doing here.

This is where Rose lives. Knock on her door and a cutscene will start.

You will be drugged by her and fall asleep right there.

Now you will see miss Jagger. She wants you to finish what you started. The story you wrote that is happening right now.

You will be awoken by the TV.

You are in Rose's room. It's kinda creepy.

Another story from your past life. Saying that you can't tell reality from dream. And that Barbare Jagger is your editor. And she wants everyone in your story to die.

Leave the trailer.

Get to your car. Just remember the road you took when following Randolph.

Well shit. They think you done something to Rose and the police plus the FBI want you.

Especially Agent NIghtingale from the FBI. He will shoot at you when you are running away from them.

Now just run because they are hot on your trail. Follow the road given to you.

Now you got this chopper on you. Just go even though it will see you

Crows will kill it. :3

You can use this telescope on top of a house to see the wreckage.

You have to go to the boradcast tower to see Maine, the guy you met in the begining.


Just use the generator to get the search light working.

Use the search light on the dark gate and the gate will vanish.

Take that flashlight.

Use the flashlight on the gate.

Pick up all these flashbangs you will need them. They kill them fast. And shatter the shields of bigger enemies.

You throw them like the flares. Except you don't hold flashbangs in your hand.

The more the marier.

Here is the Radio station. Don't worry the taken will make the last stand to stop you.

Get inside and talk to Maine.

Wait for him here to open the door.

On the cutscene Maine will say that Alan Wake is here at the station. The police will come and Agent Nightingale will shoot you. He will miss and you will run away through the window.

Just run away. And the agent likes calling you with all the writesrs name like H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King etc.

Now grab the gun and do things with it.

Turn on all the lights. Because sometimes they reveal secrets. And yeah reach the train depot.

You will get a phone call from Alice. It will sound like she isn't from this world. So then you guess that he hasn't got her. But can you be sure?

There is the railway bridge. So you are close.

Now watch out. The darkness will take control of barells. So if you touch them or they hit you. They will do a lot of damage.

Try not to die or fall down.

Now find a vehicle and get away from here.

At this safe heaven you will get a heavy duty flashlight. Take it. It has a longer boost.

Yup close up and personal attack with big bubba.


Ok good. You killed it. Get inside the car and go to the train depot.

Look at that beautiful nature.

Go to the coal mine by car. It's pretty far away. The road is a bit bumpy there but it's linear.

Now we wait for the kidnapper

The kidnapper didn't come. He said to go to Miror peak. So we are going there.

Follow the compass or giver road to there.

Well that eletricity isn't going to turn off itself. Go to the generator.

Just get to the circut board and turn it off.

Go up here.

Grab the manusrcript and get out

Grab the supplies from this truck.

Use all the lights at this part. There will be a lot of enemies.

Again the barrels are moving.

Now you are at the ghost town. Just go through it.

You will be on the TV. Now on the TV you are coming to your senses.

Now you are close to Mirror Peak lookout.

Watch out Crows are here.

Jump into the silver mine.

Just go through the silver mine. There aren't any enemies here.

Go through that door. It's a way out.

Or not...

OK this is a easy puzzle. Just move the logs from one floor to the other to cross from one side through the other.

Kick open the door.

Now go to Miror Peak lookout.

Again The cable cart. Don't worry. Birds will come.

The cable car will be broken again.

Huh Cauldron Lake now that brings back memories.

Again birds.

Go left here. Take a detour because the bridge is broken.

Cross he mountain ruins. Now kick that thing down.

When you get to this house go through the basement.

It's pretty creepy down here.

Go up here.

And escape from this house. There will be a lot of enemies here.

Now you will hear the kidnapper. Begging for his life. Saying he doesn't have the girl.

He is so dead.

The dark tornado will come for you. But you grabed a flare so it won't suck you in.

You will fall a long way down.

End of episode three