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Alan Wake Walkthrough Episode Five: The Clicker

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You will see Cynthia Weaver saying that someone will come when the time is right. And that her job is to keep it safe, always in the light.

And you are in jail. Nighingale locked you up.

Sarah and Nightingale are here to see you. Sarah said that you were arrest for no reason.

You will get another image in you head of Jagger pulling Alice in the lake.

Sarah will help you but Nightingale will be paranoid and point your gun at you.

But he noticed that this was written on the manuscript and gets pulled by the darkness.

Follow Sarah in her office for your equipment.

Barry will be in the reception calling everyone on the list to tell them about the situation.

When you get out of the back door. You will need to get out of the back lot. You will need to get up the roof then get down.

Pull this down to access the ladder to get to the rooftop

On the rooftop again crows will attack you.

Follow the compass to get to the street level

Use the fuse box to open the gate. And yeah you are using it with no gloves. You will get shocked.

Now follow Sarah to the helipad to get to the eletrical plant.

You will be attacked. A lot.

Once in the house for the keys to the helicopter. You will look for the keys and she will get electrocuted.

Inside you will get a message from Barry. He is scared and he wants you to hurry.

Once outside be prepared for enemies. And Barry was so scared that he will get out of the station, run for you, and almost die.

Follow Sarah.

You are now in a bookstore. Kinda ironic. Go outside through the back door to get to the helipad.

More enemies outside.

Now you are in the chruch. The candels are on because of deer fest. It's tradition.

Go through the basement.

Go through here to get out.

Barry has a headlight. It's his eye of Sauron.

You are close to the helipad. Now lead Barry and Sarah to the helipad.

There is the helipad. Be prepared for a lot enemies to kill and defend the helicopter.

They will come out from everywhere.

Survive the assault.

Now get to the helicopter. Or you will die.

You will get a cool cutscene of you killing the Taken and you getting in the helicopter.

But you will fall out of the helicopter because of the Crows.

Now cross the transformer yard to get to Cynthia Weaver.

Break the lock on that garage to advance.

Follow the compass on the HUD.

Here is the transformer yard. You can use the eletrical wires to kill the enemies faster.

Just follow the road that doesn't have the eletrical wires blocking your path.

Use this elevator to cross the roof to get out of the transformer yard.

I guess somebody liked the power plant so much that they brought a chair and beer.

Go left to make the bridge rotate.

Press the button.

Watch out. The bridge won't stop rotating. So you gotta move fast.

Here they are Sarah and Barry. They will help you with the light.

Here she is. She will open the door imidatly when you get to it.

There she is The Lady of the Light. She says that the thing you need to get is in on the dam. You can get there by a pipe leading directly to the Well-lit room.

But there is no light in the pipe so you need to get light there.

So cut the power to the transforemer yard. Follow the compass to get there.

Now you will get a puzzle here. It's pretty easy just do as i did. First press the number one button, then three, then two, then one. All the bridges will be connected.

When you press the killswitch all the bridges will go haywire. So cross them when they are connected.

Now return to Weaver.

Follow Weaver to the pipe for the Well-Lit Room.

Switch your flashlight for the heavy-duty lantern. Big enemis will come.

Now wait here while she opens the pipe. It might take a while.

Sarah and Barry are attacked. So you need to save them. You will exit the pipe and run to them.

Reach the crash site.

They aren't there they ran away. You will see a flare.

When you get to them. Lead them to the top of the dam.

There is the elevator that will get you somewhere near the top of the dam.

Wait for it to come down. Enemies will attack you while it's coming down.

Press the button to start the elevator.

Hold the button so the garage will open.

But that thing will fall infront of the garage and you will get seperated.

Use the seach light to kill some enemies.

Just run where the compass points you.

Run don't stop.

Enter the Well-Lit Room

In the Well-Lit Room you will find The Cliker and a manuscript. The manuscript says what is The Cliker and how you got it as a child.

End of Episode Five.