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Alien: Isolation Walkthrough Consultation

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"Walk into the next room and try walking through metal detectors. After the alarms settle down, place your weapons on the line like a respectful employee and head on through.

Open the door with the code on the map (4930). You need to power down the two different conduits at either ends of the area. Both of the rooms look the same and require an Access Tuner to hack.

Archive Log: Near the ventilation shaft is a room that holds a computer. You can find a single log here.

Archive Log: When you make it to the Right Hemisphere Overview, play the recorder near one of the terminals.

Go to the Left Hemisphere Overview and shut off the turbine ventilation. Enter inside, climb the stairs, and enter the vent.

Drop into the room below.

Go to your left and enter the side room to find the Gas Mask. From now on, entering a gas-filled area will have you automatically put on your mask.

Enter the gas room and make it to the Right Hemisphere Servers.

Archive Logs: In the room where you find the gas mask, hop on the computer to find two logs.

There are two androids in the server room. They are much harder to kill, so you might want to sneak past them instead. An EMP Mine won't work, but a Pipe Bomb should do the trick.

Get to the computer on the other side and activate the cooling system, then hit the button on the pole.

Enter the next hallway and sneak behind the android to take it down. Keep going until you reach the main area.

Use the Access Tuner on Human Consultation Control to activate the left and right servers. Save at the save station.

ID Tag: In front of the door to the Left Hemisphere Servers and to the right of the save station is an ID Tag.

Go to the left and head for the next set of servers. Deal with the android in the hallway and another in the server room, and then activate the terminals in the room.

"Archive Log: As you pass through the hallway onto the Left Hemisphere Servers, go into the side room to find a recorder on the table.

"ID Tag: If you head back towards the first room you entered in the area, you'll come across a poisonous hallway. Head into the side room to find the ID Tag on a crate.

From either server room, head inside the vent. Try to use the Access Tuner to get inside APOLLO, but the hacking mini-game game won't give you enough time to finish the puzzle.

Hit the three buttons in the surrounding area (check your map) and try to hack it again.

Once activated, the core will rise and a door will open. Enter to watch a cutscene.

Turns out Weyland-Yutani is at it again, trying to preserve the Alien aboard the ship, despite the fact that it is no longer there. Those scum.

Anyway, exit and head down the ladder to get to the reactor core.

Keep going until you reach the elevator to Engineering.

Archive Logs: Look up two logs on the computer to the right of the elevator at the end.