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Alien: Isolation Walkthrough Transmission

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"Now back on the Sevastopol, get in contact with Ricardo. Your last hope to get off the ship is The Torrens, thanks to a broadcast sent out by Verlaine. Other survivors who have conveniently discovered riot gear, are looking to take The Torrens for their own, so stay out of their path! Sneak through the control room with all the computers and wait for a clear path before crossing back into the hallway. Make your way up the stairs and to the save station.

"From here, you can now backtrack to whatever area you have previously been to. While you could always go back to older areas, now it's different because your Ion Torch and Access Tuner have been fully upgraded, allowing you to reach previously inaccessible areas. The next few collectibles are all part of the backtracking.

Nostromo Logs: Return to the Lorenz Systech Spire and head for the server room where the power went down and an Alien and android both appeared at the same time. Do you remember the room full of gas? Now that you have your Gas Mask, enter the room to get to the Nostromo Log.

Nostromo Logs: Head for the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions, accessible from the room where you found the Access Tuner in the Lorenz Systech Spire. Go all the way to the area where you found the Plasma Torch, then enter the hallway on your right. Go into the next room and climb the stairs. Enter the room on your right, then use the Ion Torch on the locked door to get to the Nostromo Log.

Nostromo Logs: Travel to Seegson Synthetic and head for the storage section (the area where you had the android help you open a door). Climb up the ladder and enter the gas room to get to the Nostromo Log inside.

"Nostromo Logs: Make your way to Engineering, specifically the Maintenance Deck (the area where you lifted the car to get into the floor vent. There is a locked door here that can be accessed with the Access Tuner. The Nostromo Log is inside.

Find Ricardo and have him open up access to Comms Control. Your goal is to find the Sevastopol Observatory. Enter the elevator and ride up.

There are more survivors in this room, so stay low and use the vents to reach the hallway on the left. Enter inside to find the observatory.

Climb up the stairs and hack the three terminals to find the location of The Torrens. You're going to have to go outside and set some of the inputs manually, so leave and head for your next destination.

"The next destination is actually the room next door! Head inside and use the elevator to reach a dressing room. Throw on a suit and prepare to go outside.

Enjoy the beautiful. and more importantly peaceful, outside world as you make your way up the walkway and into the elevator.

Try inputting the coordinates, but you'll soon discover that you need to manually move the satellite dish.

Head into the maintenance room...

And pull down the clamp.

From there, pull the other three emergency clamps and finally the big one near the window.

Return to manually input the coordinates. Simply match the number on the left screen with the meters on the right screen (35 and 75).

This will allow you to get in contact with Verlaine who will then direct you to fix the docking station to allow The Torrens to dock.

Start making your way back to the station. Throw off the suit and head up the stairs while you make contact with Ricardo. After getting cut off, watch as an Alien attacks the survivors you saw earlier.

Avoid the Alien and especially the confused survivors who clearly find you more of a threat than the deadly beast running around the room. Enter the elevator and go to the lobby to find a Facehugger wrapped around Ricardo's neck and face.

Keep moving, going down the stairs and into the area with all the guards.

Continue to try and sneak around, but let the Alien do all the dirty work. Use vents when at all possible.

Reach the elevator to end the mission.