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This walkthrough will help you get started on the Game America's Army 3. You will learn exactly how to pass basic combat training course.


Click "Training"

Launch the game without joining a server and click "Training" then "Basic Combat Training". Click on the Fit to Win Obstacle Course" to start your training.

Fit to Win Obstacle Course

Click on "Fit to Win Obstacle Course" and then "Enlist to start.

Watch the video introduction

Here they will introduce you to a sereis of images

This is the basic procedure when approaching and beginning your Basic Combat Training

The images is a visual refrence and feeling to when you would experience if you were actually there.

After the video, you will be returned to this screen. Click "Play Training" to start the Obstavle Course.

Wait for Training Mission to load.

Move up and listen to the instructors directions.

After the instruction, move up yo the starting line

Wait until they say "GO!" before you start

Once you start, approach the tunnel and click [C] to crouch down and move arcoss.

Wait until you get out before you get back up or move to another stance. You can rapidly click crouch prone button until it works. (Not always effective)

Approach the wires and click [X] to go prone and crawl al teh way across.

Once across, Press [X] again to stand back up and move forward to the next obstacle.

Maneuver through the maze using your [A,W,D,S] keys

Move forward left back and right as you go through this maze. You are not allowed to look around.

Make sure you look ahead at what is coming up. For example: there is a right turn coming up, get ready to click right key as you move forward.

If you can't see what is coming up, you are either going right or direcctly back.

The quickest way to complete this obstacle is to let the walls guide you.

Once completed the maze, move on to the next obstacle.

When you approach the jump, press [Spacebar] to jump across it.

Continue jumping across the other obstacles and continue to the ladder.

Press the [Up] or [W] key to climb the ladder.

Look down at the balance beam when you reach the top of the ladder

"Zig-Zag your way across the balance beam and go down the ladder.

You do not have to use Spacebar to climb down the ladder. You can just jump off by walking off

Approach the barricade and combat roll. Press [X] to go prone the double tap the [D] or [Right] key to combat roll.

Rapidly double click your key to move right for best results and stand up as soon as you can.

After the barricade, stand up and approach the log balance beam and zig zag your way across it.

Once across, sprint by double tapping the [Up] or [W] key and as you approach the tunnel while running, press the [C] crouch key to combat slide through it.

Try to not press crouch until you are as cloose as possible to the tunnel. Make sure you do not bump into it or you willl not be able to carry out a combat slide.

Once through the tunnel, sprint to the finish line and review your score.

One you are satisfied with your score, click continue to continue to the next training mission.

As long as it says "You are a go!" then you can continue. Advancements points are given to you everytime you complete a course to unlock more features in the game.

Basic Rifle Marksmanship

When the training loads, you will see your instructor standing in front of you on a table.

listen to the instructor's instructions and make sure you understand what you need to do.

After the instructions are given, go the the Ammo Supply Shed with the highlighted arrow on top of it.

The Ammo Supply Shed looks like this, here, soldiers will approach the booth to recieve thier weapon for training or practice.

Once you are there, pick up your weapon and go to lane 3.

Lane 3 will have a bright arrow on top of it. Be sure not to roam around to other places or into the firing range.

You can practice shooting the targets, once you are ready, you have the option to qualify for your test.

Press [R] to reload

Your weapon will reload by itself if you are in the middle of shooting. If it does not, you have to manually reload by pressing [R]

Press your middle mouse button or scroll wheel to take your weapon off of safety.

Right click to zoom into your sight. Shoot the targets in the range.

After practicing with one mag, a message will pop up and ask if you are ready to qualify or test.

When you are ready to qualify, you can click yes.

"You have 40 targets and 40 bullets, try not to waste any bullets.

When you qualify, zoom out of your scope and look for the enemies as they appear and zoom in to shoot

*tip: use spacebar to steady your aim

You can miss targets and still get a decent score. as long at you dont miss 50%, you will pass.

Your score will appear once you are finished. Once your are satisfued with your score, click Continue.

Weapons Familiarization

Listen to the instructor.

Walk over to the instructor by the table and press spacebar to talk to him.

Your instructor will give you information on your weapon.

You will be testing your weapon in lane 1

After he finishess talking, pick up the gun and start practicing in lane 1

Lane 1 will have a bright arrow on top of it. Approach the concrete wall.

Press [H] to activate the grenade launcher and use the scroll wheel to configure your distance.

Right click to zoom into your grenade launcher

when you are ready to qualify, head over to the instructor you were talking to before to qualify.

Make sure you are completely ready and is able to shoot all the targets.

To start qualifying, click "Yes"

Be sure you reload before you start and right after you shoot. Make sure you also put up your grenade launcher

aim at the targets with the correct range distance and shoot

After Finishing, a score will not show up until you complete all the weapon courses. Return your weapon after qualifying and head over to the next instructor with an arrow on top of him.

No score will be posted until the end.

Press spacebar to talk to your instructor.

Talk to the instructor and he will give you insturctions and basic information about the weapon.

Pick up your weapon and start practicing.

Press [R] to reload you weapon

This weapon takes a long time to reload so conserve your ammo during qualifications.

*tip: go prone to be more accurate and spray by holding the firing key. Be conservative when spraying so you still have ammo.

go and talk to your instructor after you practice.

Once ready, you can talk to the drill sargeant to qualify and click "yes"

Go to lane 3 to qualify. Be sure to reload before you start.

.Be sure to reload your weapon before you start

Remember to conserve your ammo when you are testing.

Once completed, return your weapon and head to the grenade range.

You will see a door to the right of your previous location.

The grenade range will be the second door on the left and also the onlt door open in the building.

Talk to the drill sargeant for instructions.

Pick up the grenade of your choice to practice with.

Press spacebar to pick up the grenade.

Head over to the middle pillar to practice.

once you feel you are ready, head over to your drill sargearnt to qualify.

Spot out the targets. Press [G] to take out your grenade and aim at the tagets that appear.

Be sure to crouch down so you do not get wounded.

if you do not get cover, you will be temporarily paralyzed or blinded.

Once you have qualfied, you can return back outside for your results.

Go back out the same door you came in from.

Apporac the instructor with an arrow on top of his head

Press spacebar to speak to the instructor and your scroe will appear.

Once your are satisfied with your score, click continue.

Combat Lifesaving

once the training loads, you will be in the training room with a bunch of other soldiers.

Listen to the lecture for information about how to save someone's life

You will have a live person talk to you as well as animated demonstartions

This is the dummy you will be practicing with

Wait until the lecture is complete and wait for instructions.

First you will learn about gunshot wounds.

Wehn you have a gunshot wound, you treat it buy giving it a field dressing.

Treat wounds by pressing [Spacebar]

hold the spacebar ro complete the heal

You will also learn about when to apply a CAT

Throughout the lecture, you will learn a lot of information about what the army has to learn. Most of these information is not valid to your game-play but purely as a refrence.

After a few slides, you will be asked to treat the wound that they just went over. Press spacebar to heal them

Lungs are in importnat part of the body, it is important to treat someone who's airway is blocked.

You must help treat the patient by inserting a NPA to help him breath.

Apply the NPA to the soldier and treat his other injuries

A lung can collapse or be deflated

Cure this by applying a chest seal.

Apply the chest seal to the patient and cure his other injuries

When a soldier is down, you first have to check his pulse

If he is alive, he is just knocked out because of his weak pulse.

When someone has a weak pulse, you must apply saline.

After you treat his major wouds, continue treating his other injuries.

Applying a OPA

You apply an OPA when the soldier has trouble breating or has a constricted airway.

When someone has Shallow Breathing, you must apply an OPA.

Treat the injuries after you heal his major wound.

Apply a splint when a soldier cannot move or cannot get up.

Any laboured movement injury, you have to apply a sprint.

Treat the other injuries that your soldier may have.

A soldier may be knocked out by someone therefore making him collapse

This is means that the soldier has fainted and a sign of that is pale skin

When a soldier has pair skin, it means tht he needs Smelling Salts.

Treat other injuries that the soldier may have

Once you completed the lecture and practice, you will be tested on your knowledge. Once completed, you will get your score. When you are satisfied with your score, click "Continue".

Mount Course

Listen to your instructors instruction.

Make sure you know who is your enemy and who is your friendly.

You will be using a M68 Aimpoint for this course

Wait for a "GO!" before you begin.

Go up and mantle over this by clicking [Spacebar]

Jump down to the white circle and secure the area.

Look around for enemies

shoot down enemies that appear be sure not to shoot down friendlies.

Once the area is secure, continue throught the door.

Pick up the smoke grenade. press [RightMouse] button to roll the grenade.

Throw it into the center of the courtyard and wait for the smoke to build.

once concealed, continue across the courtyard to the door.

Shoot down all the enemies in the area through the window.

Zoom in by right clicking to help you aim.

Once all the enemies are eliminated, go through the door and pick up the incendiary grenade on the left.

prep the objective before destorying it by pressing the [Spacebar] button.

Roll the incendiary under the objective as close as you can.

Wait for the incendiary to explosed before continuing

when completed, continue through the door.

Shoot the enemy in the corner

Eliminate and Secure all enemies in the course and continue through the doors.

continue through the rooms

Enemies will pop up all around you. Make sure you check your surroundings and shoot them down.

A soldier in down, approach the soldier and heal him quickly.

Crouch down and look for the spacebar option to start treating his wounds and then continue on to the next room

Eliminate all enemies in the room.

When your reach the objective room, use [Spacbar] to secure the objective to stop the clock

Run out and to the next building.

head outside to the next course.

Pick up the flash grenades.

Once the door opens, go in and start the course.

The timer will start when you open the first door.

Shoot down the enmies that appear.

continue through the course and eliminate all enemies in the area.

Eliminate all enemies to complete the course and talk to your drill sargeant for results.

Press Spacebar to talk to your drill sargeant to get your results.

Click Continue to complete your Basic Combat Training.

Completed Basic Combat Training.

Once you have been completed you will be given a certificate and continued to an award ceremony.

You will get images or drawing of your graduation

There will get previews of real combat operations like this

and also higlights of your basic combat training.

You have to watch the entire video to complete Basic Comabt Training

Teamwork and Communication is key to winning the game

The game is designed to help you understand what the united states army has to go through to fight for our country.

you will hear a speech that is commonly given at BCT graduations. Wait for the speech to finish and you will be returned to the home screen.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed Basic Combat Traing for America's Army 3.

You can now unlock Infantry MOS to get special weapon acessories. Unlock them as you play online against other players.