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Aquaria Walkthrough Tips and Miscellaneous

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You can read messages scrawled on rocks and cavewalls throughout Aquaria by alternate the file name aquarian_alt.png with aquarian.png in *InstallDIrAquariagfx

If you are in Song Form, get close to Li and Naija and Li will "hug". While hugging, you can move around by singing, similarly as to a seahorse. Sometimes you have to switch to another form then reswitch to Song Form again before they could hugging each other.

If you're swimming too fast in Fish Form/Beast Form, Li can't keep up with you. Singing Li's song will bring Li to Naija. Wanna easier way? Just switch to Spirit Form, then reswitch again into another form, suddenly Li will be next to you :)

In Song Form, Naija can ride on the backs of certain minibosses by sprinting into it.