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Aquaria Walkthrough Achievements (Steam only)

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01) A NEW CHAPTER (Reach Open Waters); 02) BOOM SHRIMP (Defeat the Mantis Shrimp); 03) BUCKING BRONCO (Ride Ekkrit for a minute); 04) COMBO EATER (Devour six creatures in a row); 05) DANCE OF THE FOREST SPRITES (Reach the Sprites Cave);

06) DETHRONED KING JELLY (Defeat the King Jelly); 07) DIVORCE (Defeat Mom and Dad) 08) EXPLORER (Travel to all of the areas of Aquaria); 09) FEATHER-MOUTH (Devour a Parrot); 10) GULLET(Enter the belly of a Whale);

11) HEALTHY (Find all the health eggs); 12) HIGH DIVE (Dive into the water from a certain high location); 13) MASS TRANSIT (Find all the Ancient Turtles); 14) MERGOG DEFEATED (Defeat Mergog); 15) MONKEY FLINGER (Fling a monkey) 16) NO ESCAPE (Kill the Coward);

17) NORTH POLE (Reach the Frozen Veil); 18) OCTOGONE (Defeat Octomun); 19) PASSED THROUGH (Reach The Veil); 20) ROCK CRAB ROCKED (Defeat the Rock Crab); 21) ROMANCE (Meet Li); 22) SONGSTRESS (Learn all the songs in Aquaria);

23) SPEED RACER (Beat the Arnassi race in less than a minute); 24) SPIRIT BATTLE (Defeat the Priests); 25) SUPER CHEF (Find all the recipes in the game) 26) UNITER (Rescue all the lost souls) 27) WEIRD FISH (Discover two peculiar-looking fish).