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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 4 - Hunting Lessons

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When the next mission begins head to the green zone. When you reach it two red dots marking rabbits will appear.

Kill one of the animals by shooting it with an arrow. Do this by holding down and the shoot button and releasing it. Once it's dead skin the animal by walking to it and pressing the interact button.

Afterwards analyse the clues in the area the green area will narrow.

Select the snare from the weapons menus.

Place the snares in the marked places by holding down the shoot button.

The next task will involve you hunting a deer. Begin by heading to the marked area and analysing the clues.

The deer will be marked with a red dot on the map.

Sneak up as close to the deer as you can and then select some bait and scatter it.

The deer will head for the bait. When he gets close enough you can kill him with your barehands.

Skin the deer. Do the same to the rabbits that get caught in the snares.

Your last mission will be to hunt and skin five animals. Use the same techniques you used to hunt the animals before.

After a short cutscene you will be attacked by a bear. Dodge it's attacks by pressing the buttons that appear on screen.

You will need to return to the villiage. This is where the mission will end.