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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 4 - Trees and Feathers

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The mission will begin with a tutorial on how to run across trees. Hold the free run button and climb on the leaning tree infront of you. Then jump to the part of the tree that forms a V.

In order to climb higher stand still inbetween the tree shaped like a V and hold the jump button.

You will now need to follow a short path to the marker. The path is simple but in order to complete the optional objective you have to complete the path without touching water or the ground.

After you reach the rock your friend will fall in and require your help.

Run back and save him. After having saved him turn around and run to the V shaped tree it will be on the other side of the water.

You will obtain the task of collecting feathers.

Begin by heading to the rock wall by jumping between branches and the fallen trunk.

Climb onto the edge of the rock and start climbing round to the right. Once you reach the end climb up but not beforehand as you may fall.

Once you've climbed to the top head to the marked nest and press the interact button.

Once you've collected the feather you can drop down and reunite with your friend and end the mission.

Once you have found your friend interact and the mission will come to an end.