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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 3 - Unconvinced

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For this mission you will need to head to the frontier and meet Lee. You can open up the map and fast travel to the frontier.

When the mission starts get on the horse and follow Lee until you come across traces of the native woman.

You will need to follow the markings in the snow in order to find the native woman. She will run as soon as you spot her.

Chase after her. You will reach her camp where you will be attacked by wolves.

In order to kill the wolves just simply press the buttons that appear on screen.

After killing the wolves you will need to continue to follow the native. She can be found in a tree in the marked green area.

She will run off again as you approach her. Chase her down again. You will eventually meet her on the nearby rock.

After a short conversation you will head to the inn. It will have a green marker on it.

You will need to perform two evesdrops. Simply blend between two civilians until the evesdrop is complete. Do not draw too much attention to yourself.

Simply apply the same method you did to complete the first evesdrop and you will have no trouble with this one.

After completing both the evedrops you will need to leave the inn. You will be confronted by a group of british. You will need to beat them.

Try throwing enemies into tables to complete the optional objective. Once you complete the fight the mission will end.