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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 2 - The Soldier

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After the conversation at the tavern head to a man named Pitcairn with Lee.

You will witness a quarrel which will end in Pitcairn being taken away.

You will need to follow the group escorting Pitcairn. Do this with out being detected or losing sight of them for more than 15 seconds.

If you are seen an orange triangle will appear above a gaurds head. Move out of his line of sight until the triangle dissapears. If you are detected you will fail the mission.

Continue following the group. Hide behind walls and blend in with crowds to remain undetected.

Eventually you will reach a point where Lee will distract the gaurds. Chase them.

After the chase has ended you will have a conversation. Then a fight will break out.

The first optional ojective is to kill Snitches. He is marked with a red dot outlined with white. Kill him first to avoid him calling reinforcements.

The second objective is to get a combo kill of 3. Do this by countering an enemy then immediatly after pressing the attack button toward another enemy. Do this again to a third enemie and you will have completed it. Do not get hit inbetween attacks or it will break the combo.

After all the enemies have been dealt with head to Braddock to end the mission.