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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 3 - Execution is Everything

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You will need to head to the Frontier and meet with Zio to begin this mission.

After the conversation with Zio head to the left and hide in the back of the carriage.

This way you will get inside the fort completely undetected.

Once inside head toward the bushes by the soldiers with Orange markers you will need to evesdrop them.

Simply follow the two gaurds and make sure they don't notice you. Be sure to watch out for the gaurd on patrol. The best hiding spots are the haystacks and bushes.

They will begin to walk up a flight of stairs. Wait until they are up the stairs then proceed to climb the ladder and follow on the rooftop.

Jump off of the roof into the haybale next to the building you are on. Once the evesdrop is complete you will need to sneak into a tent to retrieve a map.

Head to the bushes to the left and knock out the gaurd. You will need to be barehanded to do this. If you do this you will complete the optional objective. Once you're inside the tent hold the interact button to steal the map.

You can now leave the camp Or you can sabotage two cannons to complete another optional objective. To destroy the first head into the bushes near the gaurd on the wall. Wait for him to turn his back on you.

You will then have a chance to stun him.

Once you've taken care of him, head to the canon. You can destroy this by holding the interact button.

The easiest way to reach the second canon is to lower yourself behind the wall infront of the canon you just destroyed. Walk along the fort wall and you will reach the second canon undetected.

There will be a single gaurd by the canon. You can either wait for him to turn away and destroy the canon or destroy the canon first and hide in the bushes.

From the bushes you can stun the gaurd that is patrolling the road.

Once all the enemies have been killed or stunned, sneak to the end of the bushes along the wall. On the right you should see a house. Go round it from the right and jump into a hay cart. That way you will find yourself in the place from where you eavesdropped on the two at the start of the mission.

From here kill the patrolling solider. Then head to the wall above the gate.

On the other side of the roof you will find wooden planks. You can climb up onto these.

Once you've climbed them jump onto the roof to the right.

Go to the edge of the roof. You will then need to jump off to the far right to an area that is not being watched by any gaurds.

After landing quickly run behind the camp and turn to the right into the woods. You will now need to leave the red area and head to the green marker.

You will now reuinite with Zio and the mission will come to an end.