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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 2 - The Surgeon

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After meeting in the tavern you and Lee will head to Church's house. You will find that he has been kidnapped.

In order to gather information as to where he was taken you will need to evesdrop his neighbours. You are to remain inside the circle.

If you get detected you will fail the evesdrop. Walk to the two men standing against the wall and blend in with them. This way you will remain undetected.

Once you have successfully evesdropped on the people you will need to climb to the top of the church.

When you have reached the very top of the church you will need to synchronise. Do this by pressing the interact button.

You will find four more evesdrop opportunities after having synchronised.

You can see them on your map.

You will see a group of soldiers left of the church. You should start with them. They are moving so make sure to walk and not run and if they turn around walk out of their line of sight.

Return to the green area on the map. Once there you will see two soldiers. Sit on the bench to avoid detection.

Additional groups can be found in the remaining green area. Complete these evedrops and you will complete the optional objective.

Reunited with Lee you will have to head toward the marker on screen, which is in the green area on the map. You will enter a red zone. Be careful gaurds are very suspicious within these zones and will attack you if you stay in their line of sight for too long.

You can point to a hiding place and press the interact button to make Lee hide in there. This is advisable if he is giving your posistion away.

In order to reach the warehouse undetected walk around the red zone to the north.

You will find a group of enemies here. Hide in the bush until they pass then head to the door. You will find that it is locked.

The keys are being held by three guards. You will need to pickpocket only one. Stand against the wall and whistle to get the patrolling enemies attention then when he walks over kill him. You can then sneak over to the gaurd with the orange marker above his head.

Once you've reached the guard undetected pickpocket him. Do this by pressing and holding the interact button. You will then obtain a key to gain access to the warehouse.

After entering the warehouse you will find three enemies torturing Church.

You will finish the first two with Lee. Then kill the third. This will complete the mission.