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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 1 - Journey to the new world

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After you regain control of your character head up onto the deck and speak with the highlighted men

After interacting with the men, one of the crew members will attack you

"Optional Objective - Limit health loss 10%

After performing three parrys attack the enemie with the attack button

In the second fight you will be taught how to counter. Press the parry button just before the attack hits you and everything will go into slow motion you can then counter the attack by pressing the attack button

After getting beaten up a second time, the crew member will pull out a knife. Here you will learn how to disarm. Press the parry button just before the attack hits you, but instead of countering with the attack button you're going to press the jump button in order to disarm him.

After a short conversation with the captain you can head back down below deck, where you can play a logic game. (these are marked on the map with dices)

The rules will be explained in detail before the game begins

As the next day dawns you can move around freely below deck where you are given the option to speak to different crew members. Once you've spoken to them all you are able to speak to either the doctor or the chef. It makes no difference which one you speak to.

After speaking to them head to a man named James.

Afterwards head above deck and check out the green marker, then return below deck.

Once below deck you will need to use eagle sense and examine the highlighted barrel to the right

You wont be able to progress any further as to who is throwing cargo off he ship until the next day, so head back to your cabin and get some sleep.

The ship will end up getting attacked and you will be locked below deck. You will have to fight the crew member. The quickest way to end this fight is to throw him into the barrels as he attacks you. You can do this by pressing the parry button as he attacks and when it enters slow motion press the parry button again. This only works if you're infront of a barell.

You will be required to secure the riggings. You will need to run to each highlighted rigging and press the interact button in order to secure them.

The last bit to secure can be found on one of the masts. Climb up to the mast and press the interact button to drop the sail.

"Optional Objective - Rescue James in under 40 seconds

After the storm has ended, you will speak to the captain. He will send you to the top of the mast where you will be able to see land.

The title will show up on screen and the sequence will end.