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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 2 - Johnson''s Errand

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After you've spoken to Johnson head outside and speak to Hickey at the side of the building.

You will need to infiltrate a fort to recover a stolen chest. Shoot the first enemie with the secondary attack button. Reload afterwards as the optional objective is to kill 10 enemies with firearms.

After killing the first enemie climb the wall in front of you. Shoot the one to the left then jump down and fight the rest of the enemies. Two companions will aid you in this fight.

Once you have cleared the area shoot one of the barrels it will then explode letting you progress.

Once inside, you will find the chest you are looking for.

You will be confronted with some more enemies. Shoot the first one and finish the other two with your sword.

After defeating the enemies you can progress on. Loot the enemie bodies for useful items by using the intereact button.

You can now head to your marker. You will be attacked by enemies as you continue on. It is best to shoot them first and then finish them with melee attacks. Make sure your companions don't lose more than 50% of their health or you will fail the optional objective.

Your last two targets will be enemies on the roof. Shoot one of them. You can either reload and shoot the second or climb up onto the roof and fight him.

After reaching your marker the mission will come to and end.