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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 1 - Deadly Performance

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After you enter the door move forward until the opera employee blocks your way, then turn left into the row of seats and continue moving left until you find the empty seat.

You will need to activate eagle sense in order to find your target. The target is in the top corner to the right of the screen he will be highlighted in gold.

Once you regain control of your character continue left, you will find a ladder which will grant you access to the balconies above.

"You need to sneak between the balconies and head toward the green marker.

Once you've climbed the blaconies you will reach a door, interact with the door to begin picking the lock

The instructions on how to pick locks will appear on the screen

On the other side of the door you will see some scenery for the opera, jump onto it and climb to the left

"You will reach a ladder. Climb it

From there continue to climb the scenery and continue heading left

"You will come to a door. Behind the door you will find your target.

"You will be prompted to press the attack button. Once you've assassinated your target head toward the entrance of the opera house through the crowds.