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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 2 - Infiltrating Southgate

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The mission begins with an attack on a convoy. Grab the rifle from the roof using the interact button and shoot one of the soldiers. You can reload and keep shooting or jump down and attack them. Your companions will help you defeat them.

With all the enemies dead you will take control of the carriage.

You will need to use the assassin's guild button in order to command your companions to take out the british soldiers on the road.

"You will eventually reach the enemie camp where the natives are being held. You will need to free the captives without being detected.

First of all take out the general. He can be found to the right of the camp entrance.

He will be wakling past the stocks by the stone wall.

Sneak in there from the side and observe the enemy’s walking pattern. As he moves away from the prisoner, assassinate the soldier building stocks and hide behind a pile of crate nearby. From there you will be able to kill the general, but only after a big group of soldiers return to their position.

From there head back to the camp entrance. You should approach the first prisoner on the left. Hide in the bushes beside a pile of crates.

The gaurd that is gaurding the natices will pass by the crates and stop for a moment. Take this opportunity to hide behind the crates, whistle and kill him.

With the enemie dead you can free the natives.

Right after freeing those natives you will need to run to the end of the stone wall on the left.

Wait by the wall until the gaurd walks close to you. You can then use your hidden blade to kill him.

The next group of natives are being held on the ship. You will need to swim to the other side of the boat and grab onto it where one of the soliders are. You can then kill him.

Once you've killed him just wait until a second gaurd walks to where the first one was. Kill him.

Board the ship and hide behind the crates. Whistle to get the gaurd to walk toward you and then you can kill him and save the natives.

The last group of prisoners can be found nearby the first group of prisoners you freed. Approach them from the left, going between tents and bushes and wait for the guard to leave. You will then be able to free the natives.

After a short cut scene you will be attacked by a group of british soldiers. When a line of soldiers have a yellow triangle above their heads press the jump button to use a nearby enemy as a human shield.

Now your main task will be killing Silas, he is hiding inside the fort. All you need to do is run to the fort and assassinate him. You don't need to worry too much about the enemies on the way.

When you reach Silas assassinate him and the mission will end.