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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 3 - The Braddock Exedition

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After a discussion at the Inn you will head out to meet Zio. The mission will begin properly when you meet her.

You will need to take out the soldier that is marked with the red dot to begin with. You can just run up to him and attack. But in order to complete the optional objective you need to kill two enemies unsuspected before entering open conflict.

"The best way to do this undetected is to sneak around.

Carry on round the right and keep hiding in new hiding places.

Once you taken out two enemies from hiding places you no longer need to worry about being detected. So take out the next enemy or group, as you please.

Once you've obtained a british uniform, you will be able to safely ride to Braddock's location. His location will be marked on the map.

After a short cutscene Braddock will begin to flee. Chase after him by holding the free run and jump button.

Braddock will come off of his horse. You will need to chase him on foot. The best way to kill him is to shoot him with your pistol.

You will return to the inn. You will discover that Haytham and the rest of the people you have been working with are Templars. Lee will be introduced into the Templar order. The sequence will come to an end.