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Assassins Creed III Walkthrough Sequence 4 - Hide and Seek

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Once you re-enter the animus you will begin as a young Connor. Your friends want to play hide and seek so follow them out of the villiage.

Your friends will all go and hide and you will be tasked with finding each of the children. Do this by analysing clues in the green areas on the map.

There are three green areas. Your friends will be hiding within them.

Start by heading to the center of the circle on the left. Analyse the clues and the circle will narrow.

The first child can be found in a hay stack in the middle of the narrowed circle.

Head to the middle of the nearest circle begin analysing the clues to narrow the circle.

The second child is in the greener hay stack toward the right.

The third child is hiding behind a rock in the last circle. Simply go around it and you will complete the section.

It's now your turn to hide. You can hide in any of the marked hiding places.

After a short cutscene you will see that your villiage has been set alight. Run back to the villiage.

Head toward the green marker. Press the interact button to lift the beam so you can progress.

After reaching your house, approach it from the right and try and save your mum.

Press the interact button to try and lift the rubble to free your mother. The mission will eventually come to an end.