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Assassins Creed Revelations Walkthrough Sequence 7- Underworld

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Memory 1 - Once you reach Cappadocia, head up the hill and into the mountain. Enter the city and hop along the shanties towards the perch spot on the center mountain.

Climb up and use the spot to fill in the map of the area. Jump down and head to the green area and use you Eagle Sense.

Stay on the rooftops and spy on the groups of people until you locate your target. Jump down and confront to spy, and she'll run away. Chase her through the streets of Cappadocia until you finally corner her.

Memory 2 - Make your way up the steps into the restricted area and spy on the two men. Make your way back to the marker to find the guard who's holding the key.

Use the high ground in order to maintain your low awareness.

When you reach the target area, use your Eagle Sense to locate the guard with the key. You'll spot him amongst a group of guards watching two men fight.

Pickpocket him to grab the key, but be careful when you do. The guards will realize what you've done and give chase.

Run back towards the cell using the highest route possible. Make sure your awareness has gone down before you approach the cell, otherwise you won't be able to open it.

Once the coast is clear, unlock the cell to complete the Memory.

Memory 3 - Watch the cinematic as the guards torture the Ottoman prisoners. Climb up the pillars on the right hand side to reach the first guard. Hop off and air assassinate him before moving forward and sneaking behind the second guard.

With the two down, swing over to the next platform take out the third guard. Climb up the wall and kill the final guard before looking over the ledge at the scene below. Climb out onto the cross and jump down to take out Shahkulu.

What you think is an assassination turns out to be a trap. Shahkulu and his guards surround you and force you into combat. If you can get a little space, your crossbow will take any of them out in one hit.

Once they get in close, hold your block and wait for them to attack you before countering them with a one-hit kill.

Memory 4 - Spotting the crates of gunpowder give Ezio an idea. Climb up the center pillar to find a way to the weapons depot.

Spiral your way up the center structure until you reach the checkpoint. Shimmy across the rope and make your way along the wall of the city. Once you reach the depot, you'll have to take out the group of guards at the front. Kill one from a distance with your crossbow or knives, then switch to your sword when they get close. Guard and parry their attacks to survive the fight.

There are a few pockets of guards throughout the depot, so spend a few moments clearing the area of all enemies.

Having the guards out of your way makes accomplishing your task so much easier.

With the guards all dead, interact with the box at the target marker.

Use the explosives on the gunfire to destroy the depot, and in doing so, begin the destruction of the entire city.

Memory 5 - Manuel will run in terror as soon as you approach him. Give chase along the rooftops of Cappadocia.

Dozens of guards will be on your tail, but simply ignore them and press forward.

When you reach the gate that Manuel hides behind, dash forward and climb over the obstacle. Run down to the docks and confront your target.

He'll pull out his sword and make one final stand. Finish off the last of the Palaiologi to claim your 5th and final Masyaf Key.

Memory 6 - Treachery! After the cutscene, turn around and run back up the hill. The city is filled with smoke from the fire that you caused.

Your health will slowly go down throughout the Memory, so start heading across the city immediately.

Make your way along the rooftops to the target. Your visibility will be hampered by the smoke, so use your Eagle Sense to see through the fog.

You'll eventually make your way to the mouth of the cave and back to your ship.

Memory 7 - It's your job as a much older Altair to escort Niccolo Polo and Maffeo Polo safely out of Masyaf.

Chaos has erupted outside of the keep, but your Apple can be used to subdue all of the enemies around you.

Keep heading down the hill and use the Apple whenever things look like they're beginning to get out of control.

Stick close to your group, and you'll eventually reach the gate to Masyaf and complete the Sequence.