Assassins Creed Revelations Walkthrough Sequence 5- Heir to the Empire

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This Assassins Creed Revelations walkthrough is divided into 9 total pages.

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Sequence 5- Heir to the Empire

Memory 1 - Make your way into the bazaar and speak with the upset merchant. Listen to his complaints about the Janissaries before setting off to locate Tarik Barletti.

Use your Eagle Sense to spot him, then follow him through the market. Keep your distance and stick close to the crowds to blend in and remain anonymous.

If he turns around and spots you, quickly run away or go back in hiding to lower his awareness.

After you overhear Tarik's second conversation with a Janissary, he'll go into an area guarded by a pair of soldiers.

Use a Tactical or Diversion Bomb to distract or obstruct the guards and continue following Tarik. Cross the next bridge to conclude the Memory.

Memory 2 - Meet Yusuf in southern part of Constantinople. Watch the conspiracy unravel in front of the Arsenal gates, followed by the seeds of an uprising.

Your goal in this Memory is to convince the people to revolt against the guards.

Start out by bribing the three Harolds that preach near the gates. With that accomplished, join the rioters at the gates and defend them against the waves of Janissaries that attack them.

Use your Assassin Signals whenever they recharge and try to take out the soldiers as quickly as possible. If the number of rioters dips below 25, you'll fail the mission.

Keep moving and avoid getting into lengthy battles with a single enemy. Counter attacks and quick assassinations dispose of guards in a timely manner.

After a few minutes, the people will finally break through the gates, giving you entrance into the Arsenal.

Memory 3 - As soon as you enter the burning shipyard, engage your Eagle Sense to spot Manuel's trail. Head along the path to the right and avoid any skirmishes of making a b-line for your target.

The rioters will keep the Jannisaries occupied, so don't even worry about fighting them.

Once you reach the target area, use your Eagle Sense to spot your mark in the empty shed.

Listen in on the conversation until you get spotted.

It's now time to get out of the Arsenal as fast as possible. Dozens of enemies will be on your tail, so try not to linger at any spot for too long.

Climb to the rooftops to find plenty of ziplines that will speed up your escape. Head north to the same gates where you entered the Arsenal to complete your escape.

Memory 4 - Meet with Sofia to learn about the painting that has been stolen from her house. Head to the Bazaar and use your Eagle Sense to locate the man with information. Beat him up a little bit to learn about the merchant who's in possession of the painting.

Head to the Bazaar and use your Eagle Sense to locate the man with information. Beat him up a little bit to learn about the merchant who's in possession of the painting.

Head over to the store and spot the painting next to the merchant. Toss a smoke bomb at the storefront, then run in and grab the painting to avoid any detection.

With the art in your possession, head over to the marker and meet up with Sofia.

Memory 5 - Climb up the tower near the Herald and use your Eagle Sense on the perch to spot the book.

Jump down and examine the marker to uncover The Flute Girl.

Memory 6 - Upon entering the Forum, Ezio will stumble upon a group of guards loading a raft. Chase after the Templar without falling into the water.

Climb through the caves and hop from ledge to ledge to keep up with them.

After the cinematic where Ezio loses his footing, press on using the metal bars to swing from platform to platform. Shimmy up the wall and slide down the rope to keep up with the Templar. The enemies will begin firing cannons at you, so maintain your mome

Maintaining your momentum is key to keeping up with the enemies, so always keep one eye ahead on what the next obstacle is. However, falling in the water means instant failure, so you have to remain vigil about your current movements.

When Ezio reaches the wooden bridge, the Templar will toss a bomb and destroy the path. Hop through the fire along the posts and continue advancing on the boat.

You'll eventually reach a zipline that allows you to get above the enemies. Drop down onto the boat to halt their progress.

At the bottom of the waterfall, you'll be forced to deal with the four enemies at once.

Pull out your sword and make quick work of the group before engaging your Eagle Sense. Uncover the hidden door to find another Masyaf Key.

Memory 7 - This latest Altair mission puts you in control of the legendary assassin at a later point in his life. After your conversation with Maria, walk with her to the garden behind the Masyaf keep.

Meet with Abbas and watch the tragic cinematic until all hell breaks loose. Run out of the keep and head down to the village. Don't worry about fighting any enemies until you reach your son.

Once the two of you are together, head through the village and take out the targets using your throwing knives.

One knife is enough to stop an enemy in his tracks, so you shouldn't have too difficult a time clearing them out. Once you reach the bottom of the gates, Altair and his son will flee on horseback, ending Sequence 5.

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This Assassins Creed Revelations walkthrough is divided into 9 total pages.

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