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Assassins Creed Revelations Walkthrough Sequence 2- The Crossroads of the World

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"Memory 1 - Once you've reached the shores of Constantinople, meet Yusuf Tazim and follow him through town. You'll eventually be attacked by a group of Templar. Take care of the grunts, then watch as the game introduces you to the dynamic of rival guards.

"Press on with Yusuf towards Galata Tower and eventually you'll come across your home-base for the course of Revelations.

Continue following Yusuf and killing all the attackers in your path.

"After completing Memory 2 (Basic on screen combinations) you will now be in Memory 3 - This Memory introduces the hookblade, one of Ezio's new toys in Revelations. The functional armament allows you to slide across ropes, climb over higher obstacles, and quickly trip up opponents during combat.

Follow Yusuf as he trains you in the art of the hook.

Hitting the Circle/B Button in mid-air will cause you to extend your hookblade and reach out towards the nearest surface.

Using it when you approach a hanging lantern will cause Ezio to perform a long-jump.

The final part of your training comes in the form of a combat simulator that teaches you how to "Hook and Run."

"Using the hookblade as you run towards an opponent allows you to trip them up without losing your own momentum.

Memory 4 - Follow Yusuf's path as he scales the Galata Tower.

Using your new hookblade, hit the jump button to leap up from level to level to ascend the tower in a timely manner. When you reach the top of the tower, perform a leap of faith.

Memory 5 - This short section has you learning how to use one of the many ziplines that are scattered throughout the city.

All you have to do is leap towards the line, and Ezio will do the rest of the work. Use R1 to control your speed while sliding down a zipline.

Later on, Yusuf will show you how to assassinate enemies via an airborne attack.

While sliding down, hit the attack button when above a Templar to perform a pretty nifty looking zipline assassination.

Memory 6 - Your first move should be to deploy leaders on both sides of the alley's entrance. This will allow you to populate the rooftops with Archers and Gunmen. You can also place a Barricade near the head of the tunnel to slow down the enemy attack.

You gain Morale as you take down the oncoming waves. Use this form of currency to upgrade your barricade and to line the rooftops with your allies. You can also unleash a cannon barrage by highlighting a group of enemies and hitting L2. You can also gain extra money by sending your units to loot dead bodies in between waves.

The final challenge comes in the form of a quasi-tank that the enemies send down the alley. Use the rest of your cannons and spend any Morale you have to defeat the hulking vehicle before it reaches your base.

"Repel the 19 waves of enemies with your safe-house remaining intact to complete this Memory.

Memory 7 - Assist Yusuf with taking out the group of enemies at the start of the Memory.

With them dispatched, follow Yusuf through the city as he teaches you how to use bombs. Distract the guards with the cherry bomb to gain access to a restricted part of the city.

At this point, Yusuf shows you how to gain control of this district of the city.

If you kill the Captain and then light the watchtower, the Imperial North Den will be yours.

Navigate the rooftops towards the target, making sure that you stay out of sight of the guards. Get close enough to the marker to spot your target. You can hop down and take him out, causing a ruckus in the streets, or if you've already purchased a crossbow, take him out silently from the rooftop.

Regardless of your method of dispatching, your final goal is to climb the tower and light the signal fire to finally earn your territory.