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Assassins Creed Revelations Walkthrough Sequence 1- A Sort of Homecoming

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After watching Memory 1 (Cinematic) You will now be in Memory 2 - This mission serves as a quick refresher to the controls in Assassin's Creed. Follow the spirit of Altair across the scaffolding and up the structure. Take out the Templar that stand in your way and continue ascending the castle.

The ghostly Altair will always show you which way to go, so don't worry about getting lost.

Continue following Altair and he will guide you to the top of the tower.

When you reach the top of the tower...

Jump off and dive into the water.

Memory 3 - Head straight down the dark corridor and into the larger chamber. Kill the guards in the room and interrogate the worker to uncover the Templar motivation.

Follow the man out of the chamber and back into a familiar looking room.

Get past the guards by killing them, or simply run past them and escape the courtyard.

Make your way to the gate and follow the Templar Captain.

Fight off the guards on the roof.

Deploy your parachute and navigate Ezio over the village towards the Templar captain.

Tail the group of men, maintaining your distance while still keeping them in full view.

"At the bottom of the village, a cinematic will engage, marking the end of the Memory.

Memory 4 - When this Memory begins, start crawling up the rope towards the chariot. Hold up to inch yourself forward and move to the side to avoid any oncoming obstacles.

"Once you've reached the cart, you'll gain control of the vehicle. This section can be a bit tricky. Your goal isn't to necessarily destroy the enemy chariot. Instead, focus on just surviving the chase for a few minutes.

Stay clear of the other chariot while making sure you avoid the rough patches of ground that quickly decimate your health when ran over.

If you do intend on going on the offensive, make sure you build up momentum before you launch an attack to avoid taking damage.

Continue doing your best to survive the chase and make sure you watch out for the rough patches of ground!

After a few minutes, your chariot will be destroyed, marking the end of the Memory.

"Memory 5 - Ezio will be impaired until you find medicine. This means that you won't be able to run, climb, or take very much damage for the first part of this section.

Make your way towards the village and kill the guard at the top of the stairs. Back on the ground, hide in the haystack and kill the guard as he walks by.

Sneak your way through the village towards the quest marker until your reach a group of soldiers.

Kill them, then loot their bodies to find medicine. With full health, press on and clear out the rest of the village.

Once you've taken care of the enemies, climb up the structure on the far side of town.

Assassinate the Templar at the top to complete the Sequence 1.