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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Fontaine Futuristics

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Enter Fontaine Futuristics.

Go down the stairs.

A plasmid present will be in your way.

Use the controls to cycle the airlock.

Navigate the underwater path.

Look out for the slugs on the ground. You can gather them to collect some ADAM.

Use the controls in the airlock to enter the next part of the level.

A mad scientist will greet you at the entrance. You can't destroy his flying bot so don't even try.

Use the bio-scan at the entrance.

An alpha big daddy will attack you. Deal with him.

Enter the offices look left of the desk.

Pick up the voice recording of the password you need.

Play the password on the voice activated switch.

When you try to enter the security office Alex the Great will stop you from using the voice password again.

You will have to disable his flying bot. To do so, you have to find the security switches that are around the offices.

Go up the stairs.

Destroy the signal relay that is attached to the bot-shutdown panel. Two more to go.

A big daddy and a little sister will appear in the area. Harvest some ADAM if you need it.

Use electro bolt on the panel next to the door to open it.

In the office nearby you will find a teleporting plasmid. When you try to pick it up it will change its location.

Go around the flooded office and reach the place that is observed by a camera.

You will find the second relay under the camera.

The teleporting plasmid will appear on a column if you have picked it up before.

Enter Frank Fontaine's office.

The third relay is right of the family portrait.

Before you leave the office you can turn a boar mount to reveal a secret area.

The teleporting plasmid will appear once again when you go outside the office.

Confetti will fly from the entrance to the next area.

A keypaded door is on the left. You can use some electricity to fight your enemies in this area.

Shooting the electrobolt demonstration prop will discharge electricity. You can use that to conserve your EVE.

Once you reach the stage, go near the microphone in the middle. Alex the Great will start a show for you.

Fight the splicers that attack you. You can shoot the colored circles to your advantage.

When the waves of enemies stops an alpha daddy will attack you.

Destroy the last relay to shut down Alex's bot.

Go back to the security office and use the password on the switch.

Use the weapon upgrade.

Activate the plasmid laboratory access.

The teleporting pasmid will be in your way again.

You will see the code for the keypad you passed before. You can go back to open it.

When you pick up the teleporting plasmid one last time you will be transported to some strange place, a plasmid will wait for you to pick it up at the center.

Proceed down the flooded area.

Use the airlock control to exit.

Go through the water and enter the next airlock.

Pass between the thorny looking plants.

You will find a Gatherer's garden.

Follow the sign.

The place needs power. Activate the first circuit breaker. Then go to the left side of the area to find the second one.

Activate the second breaker.

Go back to the main area and activate the power switch.

You will have to collect ADAM-infused plants such as this one to lure Alex out of his hiding place.

Enter the pacification chamber.

Go down the stairs.

Pick up the first plant.

Some alpha daddies will attack you.

Go down to the holding cells.

Pick up the plant that is near the candidate seats.

Drop down a place where a big daddy has fallen on the ground through a grate.

Hack the nearby controls to gain access to some items.

Press the switch to enter the room.

Gather the last plant you need.

Get back to the main area at the start of the level. Use the controls to inject the plants.

Fight off some enemies that will attack you.

Extract the genetic sample.

Pick up the genetic key.

Alex wanted you to kill him because he lost his mind and body. You can do that by pressing destroy sample on the controls. You won't get a negative ending if you do so.

Use the airlock to go outside.

Reach the fuel station.

Insert the genetic key into the panel.

Enter the next area through the airlock.

Use the elevator to leave the level.