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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Pauper's Drop

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Hack the door control.

You can use a gene-bank to swap your passive abilities.

You can set on fire oil spills to damage enemies.

Go to your left from the diner.

Enter Sinclair Deluxe.

A brute splicer will block your way. You will have to go back.

Enter the diner area.

Use the garden if you need to.

Go left from the King Pawn.

Approach the Fontaine Clinics.

Pick up the recorder that is next to the locked door. You will have to get the code for the door from the diner.

The clinic code is in the Fishbowl diner, next to a dead guy with a shotgun.

Head back to Fontaine Clinics. Your shotgun deals a lot of damage from close range.

Use the keypad to enter the code.

Spin each section of the numbers to enter the correct code.

Avoid the barrel that a splicer will roll down. You can use your telekinesis as well if you are fast.

A turret covers a long pathway. Use your electro bolt to stun it.

Jump down a hole in the floor.

Grab the research camera.

Use the camera on an enemy. Then attack them with different weapons to gain points. When you get enough points you will learn a weakness of each enemy you film.

Go to the Skid Row.

A big daddy is being attacked by many enemies. You can use this moment to kill him yourself and pick up the little sister. You can choose not to kill big daddies but the game will become very hard if you don't collect ADAM and upgrade your plasmids.

A brute splicer will attack you. Film him before you start attacking him. Once you gain enough points from filming him you will learn the drill dash ability.

Get back to Sinclair Deluxe.

Hold the left mouse button when you have the drill out and then press shift to perform a drill dash. Crash through the debris that blocks your way here.

Go up the stairs.

Walk through the dark corridor.

Navigate through the apartments and pass a few broken walls.

Go to your left from here.

Pick up a plasmid before you go up.

Climb to the upper apartments.

Go up one more level.

You will find the apartment of Grace Holloway. You will have to face her and settle the misunderstanding she has with you.

Grab a plasmid from the small table inside her apartment.

Grace is hiding somewhere. Pick up the recorder on the bed and listen to it.

It will give you a clue that the poster is removable.

Press the hidden switch when you remove the poster.

Go inside the hidden area left of the switch.

Examine the window.

You will find Grace.

Pick up the override key that you need for your train. You can choose to kill Grace or leave her alone.

If you choose to walk away without killing Grace, she will realise her mistake and try to help you.

Fight your way back to the station.

Go through the tunnel and back to the Fishbowl diner area.

Enter the station.

Go right to enter the bulkhead control.

Insert the key to override the controls.

Get back inside the train and use the switch to leave the level.