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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough The Atlantic Express

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Pick up the hack tool.

Aim the hack tool towards the door control and fire. This will bring up a hacking minigame. Once you complete the minigame the door will open.

If you find a disabled security bot, you can hack it. When you do the bot will follow you around and attack your enemies.

Go inside the gate control room.

Use the controls to open the gate.

Dr. Lamb will contact you.

You will be trapped for a short while here.

Eventually the floor will burn away and you will fall down.

Navigate through the underwater section.

Go up to the drafting area.

If a security camera spots you it will trigger an alarm. That will send security bots to attack you. You can destroy or hack a camera.

Approach the cart.

Eleanor will contact you in a cutscene.

Pick up the telekinesis plasmid.

Select the empty slot to use your new plasmid.

You can use your telekinesis to pick up objects such as these explosive canisters. Throw them at your enemies to conserve ammo.

Reach the end of the corridor.

You will see that the machine is stopped by a pipe. Go back and enter the place on your left.

Use your telekinesis to pull the pipe out of the cogs.

A vending machine with a clown face can be used to purchase different items such as health packs and EVE bottles.

Go up to the switching hub.

Get inside the elevator and press the button to go up.

The stairs will have trap rivets blocking your way. If you go close to them you can pick them up and use them for later.

Go towards the Ryan Amusements.

Use the intercom switch.

Tenenbaum will talk to you.

Enter the train car.

Use the switch to star the train and end the level.