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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Dionysus Park

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You will have to reach the Train Station.

Enter the park.

A houdini splicer will attack you. They can teleport around and can soak up damage better than normal splicers.

Go up the stairs.

Beware the camera.

You will reach a carousel. Go to the left from here.

Go up the stairs but use the Gatherer's garden if you need to.

Go right from here.

Go through the glass tunnel.

Use a weapon upgrade neaby.

You will find a new gift. Pick up the grenade launcher.

Enter the Atlantic Express door.

You will see Stanley Poole locked up in the train station. He wants you to get rid of the little sisters that roam the area in any way you can.

Go back to the park.

Enter 'The Promenade'.

Pass through the impressive corridor.

Enter the 'J. Fischer Gallery'.

You will find the first big daddy here.

Pick up the little sister. Harvesting them will save you some time but the end of the game will be negative.

Use the little sisters to harvest corpses as usual if you chose to save them.

Once the little sister is done with the harvesting, bring her to a vent to save her.

Eleanor will contact you in a cutscene. She will reveal that Stanley Poole is not a nice guy after all.

Roam around the level and find the rest of the sisters. Use your map so you don't get lost.

Eleanor will reveal more about Stanley's past once you save another little sister.

Go back to the carousel.

If you have saved all sisters so far, you will get a reward in a teddy bear that is placed near a Gatherer's garden.

Enter Lamb's Garden to find another little sister.

One more cutscene will appear after you deal with the next little sister.

A big sister will attack you after you save/harvest the little sisters.

Once all of the sisters have been dealt with go back to the train station. Eleanor will ask you to kill Poole.

You can decide if you want to spare or kill Poole.

Afterwards enter the train and use the switch to end the level.