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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Siren Alley

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Your train ride is interrupted in a cutscene.

Walk through the underwater passage.

Once you reach the airlock, use the controls to get inside.

A big daddy will roam this area. Kill him if you need more ADAM.

Enter the door that has interloper monitors near it.

Get the items from the cart.

Go up the stairs.

The door has a keypad. You will have to find the code.

Go through 'Little Eden Plaza'.

Enter 'The Pearl'.

You will find the spear gun here. You can impale enemies to walls with it. You can pick up the spears from dead enemies as well.

Deal with the enemies here and find the stairs.

Reach the upper floor.

A corridor will be covered by a turret.

Go up one more floor.

Some spider splicers will attack you around this place. They are fast so use anything that can slow them down.

Enter Daniel Wales' room.

Jump down the hole.

Fight Daniel Wales himself. He has lots of health.

Once you kill him, loot his body.

You will see another big daddy afterwards. You have time to roam around and harvest bodies with the little sisters around this level if you wish to do so.

Go through another door with interloper monitors.

If you save or harvest little sisters, eventually a big sister will attack you. Keep it in mind and be ready.

Go back to the door with keypad and enter the code you got from Wales.

Enter the correct numbers and press accept.

A wave of enemies will start attacking you after you enter the code.

Kill a brute splicer at the end.

The door with the keypad will open once you kill everyone.

Enter 'Temple of the Lamb' that is near the 'Little Orphanage'.

The inner temple is marked under the number 5.

There is a weapon upgrade nearby.

Simon Wales will attack you once you enter here.

Once you defeat him, search his body.

Go to the pump station.

Activate the pump.

The place will start to get flooded. Time to move fast.

Once you reach 'Little Eden Plaza' everything will be underwater.

Go through the door that has 'Dionysus Park' sign.

Take a stroll through the underwater path.

Enter the airlock.

Using the controls will end the level.