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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Adonis Luxury Resort

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The vita-chambers are a checkpoint system throughout the game. If you die, you will be revived in one of them. You can disable the chambers from the options if you wish to have a bigger challenge.

Continue up the stairs.

Use left mouse to smash the corals that block your way.

Crouch under the pillar to proceed.

Go to your left through here.

Picking up the recordings around the levels will reveal more of the story of the game. Keep an eye out for them.

Enter the Plasmid therapies.

Your first enemy will appear.

Holding left mouse button will spin the drill and damage anything that comes close to it. But the drill's fuel is finite. Once it's depleted you will have to find more fuel.

Remember to loot any bodies of dead enemies. They will give you ammo, money and some other items.

The levels have many places that can hold items. Look around and search for extra ammo and cash.

Eleanor will contact you in a telepathic way. Approach the Gatherer's garden vending machine.

Pick up your first plasmid, the electro bolt.

A cutscene will play. Thankfully you won't see this every time you get a new plasmid.

You will see a big sister running away. The big sisters are new to the series and are very dangerous.

The plasmids are the special powers you can use throughout the game. They use up 'EVE' which is represented by the blue bar on top of your screen.

Some plasmids can be used to interact with the environment. Press right mouse button to shoot at the door controls with your electro bolt.

Hitting and enemy with the electro shock will stun them for a second. Use that time to finish them off.

Shoot the generator to proceed.

Jump down in the pool.

Move through the corridor. You will see a big daddy roaming the outside.

Shooting pools of water with the electro bolt will electrify them and damage anyone who stands inside.

Pick up the rivet gun.

Face some splicers. The rivet gun shoots like a slow pistol somewhat. Aim for the head to do more damage.

Once you get up some stairs a cutscene will play. You will see a little sister.

A big sister will attack you afterwards. Once you deal enough damage to her, she will run away.

Enter Demeter's banquet hall.

The big sister will break the safety glass and water will pour inside.

Thankfully your big daddy suit will keep you safe. Move through the underwater section of the level. The flood-lights will guide you.

Jump over here.

While you are underwater you can relax because no enemies will attack you here.

Once you reach a wrecked railing, jump down.

Enter the maintenance depot for the next level.

Use the airlock control to end the level.