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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Ryan Amusements

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Your train ride is bloked by a frozen section of the tracks. A man named Sinclair will contact you.

You will have to find the flame plasmid to proceed. Go inside Ryan Amusements.

Power to the people stations will upgrade one of your weapons once. When you upgrade your weapon you cannot use the same station again.

Use your hacking device to hack the door control. Shoot it through the broken glass.

You will see a little sister gathering ADAM.

Pick up the ticket that you need to enter the amusements.

Get the machine gun from the broken display case.

Go to the park entrance.

Use the ticket verification unit to place your ticket.

Enter the museum and grab the new plasmid.

This passive plasmid is used at all times when you have it equipped in one of your slots.

Enter the El Dorado lounge.

Another gift in a cart.

Your first encounter with anothe big daddy is here. You will have to kill him in whatever way you can.

Once the big daddy is dead you can adopt his little sister.

Hold R and a glowing spiral will point you in the direction of a corpse that holds ADAM.

Press b while near the corpse to leave the little sister to gather ADAM. You need the ADAM to upgrade your plasmids.

When the little sister begins to gather ADAM a meter will appear on the left. You will have to defend her from waves of enemies until she is ready.

Once she is done gathering ADAM you have to pick her up.

Continue through the tunnel 'Journey to the Surface'.

Go over this ramp.

Enter the employees only area.

You can hack a turret such as this one to protect an area from enemies. You can use your electro bolt to disable the turret for a short time so you can hack it.

Leave the little sister to gather more ADAM from a second corpse.

If you happen to trigger an alarm you can shut off the bots that attack you from a device like this one.

When the little sister is done with gathering corpses you have to leave her in a vent that looks like this. You can choose to rescue her and get less ADAM or harvest her and get more ADAM. Your choice will determine the ending of the game.

Enter the ride maintenance.

Don't miss the weapons upgrade station. They are rare and you need to choose carefully which weapon you want to upgrade because you can fully upgrade only 2 weapons at maximum until the end of the game.

Use the maintenance door access to open all doors.

Enter the 'Hall of the Future'.

You will spot a big sister stalking you from the outside.

Use the Gatherer's Garden.

Buy the 'Incinerate!' plasmid.

Use the incinerate plasmid to thaw frozen places.

Shoot at the frozen heap to thaw the ammo out.

A big sister will attack you once you get to a large area. Use a combination of your arsenal to defeat her more easily.

Don't forget to search her body. The tougher the enemies the bigger the reward they offer.

Go back to the metro lobby.

Now you can use your incinerate plasmid to thaw the blocked tracks.

Go in the nearby booth and use the override switch to open the gate.

Get back inside the train and use the switch to leave this level.