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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Persephone

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An upgrade station will be near the entrance.

Follow the sign to the quarantine area.

Enter the control room.

Go near the red quarantine area room.

Activate the controls.

Fight the two big sisters that will attack you.

Get inside the quarantine chamber.

Lamb will try to kill Eleanor. The cutscene will show you how you take control of a little sister.

You will play as a little sister for now. Enter the vent.

The world will look different through the eyes of the little sister.

Enter the next vent.

Go through the corridor with a large bookcase.

Use the lever.

Go up the stairs.

Go left from here.

Enter the room that has flowers.

You can gather some ADAM from the corpse.

Up the stairs with flowers.

Approach the dress and pick it up. It's one of the pieces of the big sister suit you need.

The people won't attack you if you don't go near them.

Approach the big statue here.

Pick up the big sister helmet.

Go up the stairs.

Avoid these guys and go around.

You can gather some more ADAM.

Pick up the big sister gloves from here.

Exit through this gate.

Backtrack through here.

Enter the office of Lamb.

Approach Eleanor.

Give the big sister suit to Eleanor.

Eleanor will put on the suit. She will save the little sister just like you did if you have saved them before.

She will give you a plasmid to summon her whenever you are in a tight spot.

Dr. Lamb will tell you that she will blow up some bombs and bury you underwater.

Go inside the facility.

Use the door to travel to the next level.