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Bioshock 2 Walkthrough Inner Persephone

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Follow Eleanor upstairs.

The docking platform holds the lifeboat you need to escape.

Go up the stairs.

You will have to use the clamp release but the controls are not active at this moment. Go left instead.

Go towards 'holding'.

Enter cell block south quad.

Press the admittance button.

Sinclair has been turned into a big daddy and is under the control of Lamb. You will have to get to him.

Go down some dark stairs.

Pass the showers.

Enter the north quad.

Sinclair is locked up in the security tower.

A keycode is needed to enter the tower and reach Sinclair.

Enter the cell blocks to search for the key code.

Once you have the code return to the keypad and enter it.

Fight Sinclair.

Grab the key you need from his body.

Use the key on the switch here to open all doors.

A weapon station is nearby.

Go through the hole in the wall.

Go back to the docking platform.

Lamb finds a way to stop you once again. You will have to find the little sisters for help.

Enter the therapy.

Proceed to the end of the corridor.

Go left from here.

Enter the pediatric ward.

Kill all enemies in this area.

Press the call button when you kill everyone, so Eleanor can save the little sisters here.

Enter the infirmary.

Follow the sign to ward A.

Then enter ward B.

Go up the stairs to surgery.

Pass the surgery.

Follow the pediatric ward sign.

Enter the pediatric ward.

Kill everything that moves in this area.

Press the call button so Eleanor can save the little sisters.

Time to head back to the docking platform.

Approach Eleanor so she can begin her plan.

She and the little sisters will boil the water off so you can use the lifeboat.

Eleanor will need some time to boil the water. A big wave of enemies will attack you. This is the final battle.

Once Eleanor tells you that she is ready, run up to the docking clap release controls and use them.

Shoot the big pipe on the right.

Do the same for the one on the left.

Everything will be flooded.

You will follow Eleanor in a cutscene.

The passage will be blocked by explosives.

A cutscene will show you, floating up.

In this final outro movie Eleanor will save or kill Lamb depending on what you did previously in the game.

Eleanor will absorb subject Delta's spirit in her.

The end.