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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough Chapter 3

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You will begin the third chapter by a campfire in the middle of a forest.

Follow the path through the forest and use the torch to scare away the wolves that you will come across while making your way through the forest.

As you make your way through the forest, try to keep the little brother as close as possible to his bigger brother.

Right at the end of the forest, you will come across a graveyard. Keep on following the dirt path and make your way down the hill.

Once you've made your way down the hill, ring the bell located next to the house.

An old lady will come out of the house and open the gate for you after showing her the paper.

After getting past the graveyard, a wolf will try to attack you, forcing you to jump into the water.

You will have to get the little brother on his bigger brother's back before he drowns and start swimming.

At some point you will start approaching a big waterfall, get on the rock located right in front of waterfall before it's too late.

Use the tree to get past the river safely and keep on following the path.

At some point you will come across a tree branch, use it to get across the waterfall.

Unfortunately, the little brother will fall into the water right after jumping off the tree branch on the rock. The bigger brother will jump into the water and try to save him.

Luckily, the little brother will manage to jump on a ledge and avoid falling down the second waterfall, afterwards the bigger brother will grab a tree branch and push it towards the little brother to help him cross the gap.

Sadly, this isn't over yet. The tree branch will break and the bigger brother will have to get his little brother past the evil tree stumps while he avoids getting too close to them.

At some point, an evil tree branch will push the little brother into the water and once again, have the bigger brother to dive into the water and swim towards him in order to save his life.

After bringing the little brother on the river's bank, follow the path leading north.

At the end of the path, you will come across a giant woman's hand that will lift you up on a rock.

The bigger brother will start feeling dizzy shortly after reaching the top of the rock.

Interacting with the woman will make her get right hand off the rock, revealing their dad. The chapter will come to an end once the cutscene is over.