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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough Chapter 5

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You will begin the fifth chapter right where you left off at the end of the previous one.

Cross the bridge found at the very beginning of the chapter and keep following the path.

As your make your way through the land, you will come across dead giants.

In certain parts of the land, dead giants will block your way and stop you from making any progress, so you will have to get them out of your way or go around them.

After getting past all the dead giants, you will come across a blood waterfall leading to some sort of ritual area. Make your way down there to have a better look at what's going on.

Once you've finally made it down to the ritual area, have the little brother stay on top of his bigger brother and get them covered in blood.

After getting covered in blood, get to the girl they're trying to sacrifice. As you make your way to her, they will bow in front of the two brothers.

Have the little brother to start untying her.

Follow the girl and make a run for it before they start attacking you.

The chapter will come to an end after escaping from the ritual area.