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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough Chapter 7

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You will begin the chapter on a mountain path right next to a wooden bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you will come across a cave entrance.

Head inside the cave and make your way through the dark tunnels.

The girl will transform into a giant spider right after entering a bigger area of the cave and get you trapped inside a cobweb ball.

A few moments later, you will wake up in a new place, move from left to right to get down.

Once you've made it down, the spider will take out the bigger brother out of the cobweb ball and try to kill him.

Have the little brother knock over the spider while the bigger brother rips off one of its legs. Repeat that until the spider is dead.

Sadly, the big brother will get stabbed right at the end of the fight and the spider will die afterwards.

Have the little brother help his older brother move through the cave.

As you make your way through the cave, an avalanche will start and will push you deeper inside the cave to your destination.

Have the little brother climb up to the top of tree to get the cure, while the bigger brother rests

Once you've made it to the top of the tree, grab the cure and jump down the hole behind the fountain in order to get to the bigger brother faster.

The cure isn't going to help him at all, as he's already dead.

Drag the bigger brother's dead body inside the hole that little brother dug.

The chapter will come to an end after the little brother will finish burying his bigger brother.