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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough Chapter 2

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You will begin the second chapter inside the big cave you've managed to find in the previous chapter.

Shortly after beginning the chapter, you will come across a pretty solid metal gate.

In order to get past the gate, you will have to get the little brother to squeeze through the metal bars and start rotating the lever to open the gate for the bigger brother.

After getting the both brothers past the metal gate, keep making your way through the cave.

At some point, you will come across a working waterwheel, grab on the bars and drop down on the stone platform located on the right.

Once you've made it on the lower stone platform, start heading east through the cave.

Shortly after getting past the waterwheel, you will come across a large gear on the floor and a spinning rotor right next to it. You will have to find a way to stop the spinning rotor powered by the large gears in order to cross the water.

Make your way up the stairs in front of the large gear and start looking for the fallen column. Once you've found it, have the two brothers carry it back to the large gear.

Put the column between the two large gears in order to stop the rotor.

Once the rotor has stopped, you can finally cross the water and get to the other side.

After crossing the water, walk around the gap and head downstairs.

Once you've made it downstairs, you will come across a weird mechanism. You have to use it in order to bring out both sides of the bridge. The controls might be a bit tricky at first, but you will get used to it.

Cross the bridge once it's opened and jump across the huge rocks.

After getting past the rocks, you will come across another waterwheel.

Jump down on the lower rock and give the little brother a boost up the short ladder.

Once the little brother has made it up the ladder, have him jump on the crane in order to stop the waterwheel from spinning, then get the bigger brother to climb up using the metal bars.

Cross the stone bridge and make your way around the pool.

You'll come across another mechanism, this time you'll only have to push it forward to make the rail start moving.

When the rail has started working again, you will have each brother to grab on a chain and make their way to the next ledge.

Once you've made it past the rail part, you will have to make your way up some rock platforms and climb up the vines located on the wall.

After climbing up the vines, you will have to make your way up to the zip-line by using the broken structures and rails found inside the cave.

Use the zip-line to quickly make your way down on some rock platforms.

Unfortunately, the rock platforms are not going to be stable, so you will have to make a run for it to reach the other side safely.

Once you've safely made it to the other side, you will come across a giantess stuck inside a large cave.

In order to free her, you will have to get the little brother to squeeze through the metal bars and avoid making any noise by stepping on the bones while approaching the giant guard.

When you've finally approached the giant, you will have to grab the key from him and make your way back without making any noise.

After helping the giantess escape, the giant guard will rush inside really angry.

At this point, you will have to defeat the giant guard, while avoiding to get hit at any costs.

To get him out of your way, you will have to make him follow the little brother inside the cage and have the big brother pull the lever and close the door behind the giant guard while the little brother squeezes through the metal bars and leaves the giant guard stuck inside the large cage.

After getting rid of the giant guard, the giantess will come back and decide to help you out by dropping a chain so you can climb up and follow her.

Once you've climbed up the chain, you will have to help the giantess once again by using the mechanism to move the platform over to ledge so she can keep going.

After helping her out, move the platform between the gap so the two brothers will be able to follow her.

Right after crossing the bridge, you will be able to see the reunion of the giantess and the friendly giant that helped you get to the cave entrance.

Unfortunately, the reunion will be interrupted by the giant guard who managed to escape from the cage.

This time you will have to take him out for good. To do so, you will have the little brother to make him destroy the four chains on the ground by standing in front of the statues they're attached to long enough until the giant guard will start running at you, when he does it, make sure to get out of his way before it's too late.

When all the chains are destroyed, have the bigger brother pull the lever to open the trap door and then make him fall inside by blindly charging at the little brother.

Once he's inside the gap, get both brothers to make the giant lose his grip and fall in the hole.

When the giant guard is finally gone, the friendly giant will help you get out of the arena.

The chapter will come to an end after leaving the cave and saying goodbye to the friendly giant and the giantess.