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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough Prologue

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The game will begin with a cutscene showing the younger brother; Naiee at his mother's grave, who has drowned in the sea while he was standing in the boat, unable to save her.

Shortly after the beginning of the first cutscene, the game will flash back to the scene of his mother's death where he was unable to pull her out of the water and save her life.

Once the flashback sequence is over and the game turns back to the present, you will get called by his elder brother; Naia to come and help carry their ill father to village's doctor.

This is going to be the first time you get to interact in this game and get used to the controls. You will have to line the brothers up on each side of the wheelbarrow and hold the 'interact' buttons (Space and Ctrl) to pick it up.

After picking up the wheelbarrow, you will have to steer it down the dirt path and reach the village's doctor.

On your way to the village, you will come across a wooden platform, get the elder brother to pull the lever in order to move the platform to the other side.

Once you've made it to the other side, you will have to get the father on the second platform.

Walk underneath the broken rope ladder as the Big Brother and boost Naiee up so he could reach the ladder and climb up on the rock.

After climbing on the rock, drop down the rope in order to help Naia reach the top of the rock.

Now that both brothers have made it up, walk over to the levers and interact with both of them in order to raise the platform with their father on it.

Once the platform reaches the top, interact with the wheelbarrow once again and carry their father in front of the doctor's house.

A cutscene will start playing after arriving in front of the doctor's house.

The doctor will let the brothers know that they must get water from the Tree of Life in order to save their father's life.

This is the point where the adventure begins, leave the doctor's house and go on a journey.

After leaving the doctor's house, you will have to get down the hill and cross the bridge.

Unfortunately, the boy guarding the bridge won't let you across, so you will have to take the path on your right and swim to the other side of the shore.

However, the younger brother is afraid to go in the water and start swimming, so you will have to get him on his older brother's back and help him cross the river.

Once you've made it on the shore, you will have to climb up the vines to reach the top of the cliff.

After finally making it to the other side of the bridge, the boy that was guarding the bridge will lock the doors leading to the town.

In order to get into the town, you will have to climb up the rock wall.

Once you've climbed on top of the wall, you will have to jump on some rock platforms and walk across the top of a wall in order to make it inside the town.

As you are going to make your way through the town, you are going to come across the same boy blocking your way once again.

In order to get rid of the boy blocking your way, you will have to get the little brother to squeeze through the metal bars and turn the crank to release the dog.

The dog will start chasing the boy that was slowing you down the whole time, giving you the chance to make your way to the bridge without being slowed down.

On your way to the bridge you will come across the boy that is going to terrified by the presence of the dog.

Once you've reached the bridge, you will come across a sleeping men, make the little brother throw a bucket of water on his head to wake him up and then walk up to him with the bigger brother and show him the reason you are there.

Shortly after showing him the piece of paper you've got from the doctor, he is going to lower the bridge and let you pass.

The Prologue is going to come to an end after crossing the bridge.