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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Walkthrough Chapter 4

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You will begin the chapter on the river's bank, right after the little brother coughs up all the water and it turns out the last part of the third chapter was an illusion.

Follow the path and make your way among the huge rocks.

You will come across a man that wants to hang himself, quickly get the bigger brother to hold him while the little brother climbs up in the tree and unties him.

After saving the man from commiting suicide, keep making your way up the rocky path until you get to a windmill.

Have the little brother to squeeze through the metal bars and use one of the windmill's blades to get on the other side.

Once the little brother has made it to the other side, pull up the left part of the bridge and have the little brother rotate the lever until the right part is out, then let the left part drop down and combine with the right one to create a passable bridge.

After crossing the bridge, follow the mountain path until you reach a goat pen.

On your way to the goat pen, you will notice a structure on top of the mountain and as you've already guessed, that's where you're heading.

Once you have reached the goat pen, grab two goats and climb up the rocks until you reach the top of the mountain.

At the top of the mountain, you will be greeted by a scientist, he will throw you a gear on the ground and ask you to repair his elevator.

After repairing the elevator get to the scientist and ask him for permission to use the hang glider.

This is where the fun part begins. Have both brothers to interact with the hang glider in order to start flying away.

Try to avoid any obstacles as you fly between the mountains to the tower.

Unfortunately, on your way to the tower, flock of birds will fly right into your hang glider causing it to fall down and crash into a rock.

You will have to climb all the way up to the tower.

Once you've made it inside the tower, the first thing you are going to see, is a bird stuck inside a cage.

Make your way all the way to the bird's cage and find a way to free it.

The bird will offer to help you out by giving you a ride for getting it out of the cage.

Sadly, the bird isn't going to make it far before falling down on the ground. The chapter will come to an end afterwards.