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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 13 - Breaking Point

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Follow your squad to the supply drop to get ammo.

As soon as you pick up a gun. Enemys will fire at you. Kill the enemys.

Follow your squad to cover.

Jump into the bunker. Work your way through the bunker. Kill all enemys.

Run down the hallway in the bunker

As soon as you turn the corner to the left there will be a few enemys. Be ready to fire.

Clear the room and continue through the bunker.

Go up the ladder.

A squad member will throw a sachel charge and blow the bunker up.

New Objective is to Assault Shuri Castle. Work your way with your squad up to the tower.

Continue to kill enemys working your way up through the tower.

Head up the through the tower and make a right turn.

Kill all enemys ahead. There will be enemys on top of the building and on the bottem floor through the window.

Head into the building to the right.

Kill the visable enemys then jump through the window and go into the next building.

When you go in the building at make a left turn there will be enemys in the hall way shooting out of the building take them out.

Then continue through the building.

Head up the stairs. Then to the right. meet up with your squad.

Use your radar and locate and the 4 mortar crews and take them out.

There are random piles of Mortar shells that you can pick up and throw.

Throw a mortar shell at the building.

Continue up the stairs to take out the third and fourth mortar crew.

Take out the gunner in the window and continue towards the building to the last mortar crew.

Go up the stairs to the building

Up the stairs at the building sgt. Roebuck will kick the door open. Then follow him and clear the building.

Work your way with your squad through the courtyard and up to the building to the east.

When clear head up to the doors of the building and enter.

Walk through the building and jump on the machine gun and take all the enemys out in the yard.

After the yard is clear continue throught the building clearing all enemys in it with your squad.

Stay with your squad and go down the stairs with them. clear all enemys that are underground.

You will come to an opening. Shoot the red barrels they will explode and help clear the room faster.

Continue through the bunkers.

Clear the opening with your squad.

Follow your squad into the next opening there will be a stair case with enemys on it clear the enemys then head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs head out the door and into the courtyard.

Defend the area. Enemys will come out of where the smoke grenades are.

Call in an airstrike on the building to the North. After it blows up continue to defend the area.

After the first airstrike blows the first building up. You will have to send three airstrikes to the building to the east. While waiting between airstrikes keep the area as clear as possible.