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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 9 - Ring of Steel

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Regroup with your squad. Jump out of the train and follow your squad up the hill.

Work with your squad and Assault the German Forces.

Follow Reznov. Work with him and kill all enemys folling the friendly tanks.

Continue to follow Reznov through the town.

You will run into enemy fire. Post up behind the car and eliminate enemy forces in the house.

Turn to the left around the car, run across the street and meet back up with Reznov.

Help Reznov clear the enemys in the building ahead.

After clearing the building advance with Reznov into the building. Eliminate the Panzershreks and MGs to allow tanks to advance.

Once in the building stay on the bottem floor. Theres enemys in the windows. Take them all out.

When the building is clear work with your squad and advance through the office building.

Continue to follow your squad up the stairs to the second floor.

Continue to work with your squad and clear the building.

Follow your squad out of the building. Then a friendly tank will drive through a wall to let your squad advance.

Advance beyond the wall and work your way to the Asylum. Head to the right once you pass the wall.

Work through the enemys on the streets to continue towards the assylum.

There is a ton of enemys in the courtyard to the assylum aswell. Work with your squad to advance through them.

Watch for the gunner in the window.

When the courtyard is clear advance into the Assylum.

Continue to follow your squad.

Follow your squad up the stairs.

Work with your squad and clear the floor of enemys.

Jump on the machine gun in the window. Take out enemys on the other side of the building.

When all enemys are clear dismount and head to the right.

Clear all enemys on the rooftops.

When the rooftops are clear, continue to follow your squad back in the building.

Becareful! There will be a machine gunner right around the corner.

Continue to work with your squad and clear the buildings.

Follow your squad out to the streets and eliminate the retreating German squads.

Chase them. Kill all you can.

Chase them till there all dead.