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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 5 - Their Land Their Blood

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Head outside of the building your in.

Run around the fence to the right.

If you want to the left in the field you can throw molotov grenades and contribute to the flaming field.

Head to the right towards the barrels in the picture below.

Follow your squad you will come to a clearing. Go to the left.

You will come up to a camp, Break through the German forces.

Head through the bunker and work your way through enemys. They will be hiding in the hills.

Continue to make your way up the hill

You will come up to a wall... follow it to the right... there is alot of enemys on the other side of the wall take them out.

Get to a good place where you can attack the enemys by the bridge... when you clear all the enemys advance towards the bridge.

Go under the bridge.

Continue to follow the path killing any enemys you come acrossed.

Head up to the house to the left and pick up the rocket launcher thats highlighted yellow.

Destroy the 4 enemy tanks. There easy to find on your radar there labeled with a star.

Theres ammo in the house if jump through the window.

You can walk through the house and out the door to the right to get back outside.

Look to the right take out the enemy tank.

Head up the hill towards the house.

The final enemy tank is on the far side of the house... you can walk through the house and take out the tank through the window in the house.

Jump out the window and head up to the barn entrance.

When you get to the barn. Another enemy tank will break out of the entrance to the barn. take it out.

Meet with Reznov in the barn.

Advance up the road with Reznov follow the tanks.

Enter the German camp.

Stay with Reznov and stay to the right. Clear the camp.

Stay with Reznov and continue through the German camp.

Continue to work through the camp. Enemy tanks will come aswell...

Follow Reznov up the road to the right.

Eliminate Fleeing Germans.