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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 7 - Relentless

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Objective is to clear out the two anti tank positions.

Head up the river clearing enemys as you go.

The paths split where you can go right on land or left and follow the river. Stay to the left.

Continue up the river. Watch for enemys on the left up in the bushes.

Once you get to the top of the hill to the right is the first anti tank position. Clear all enemys in the area.

After clearing the first position continue to the Southeast towards the second anti tank position.

In the bunker leaning against the wall is a sniper. I picked it up as my secondary weapon its good to have. Theres alot of enemys that are far away and you can use it alot for the rest of the mission.

With the sniper kill all enemys in the clearings and bunkers.

After killing all enemys in the clearing. Stay to the left by the bunkers and continue to the southeast. Slowly work your way through enemy fire.

The second anti tank position is by the hut. Clear all enemys.

Regroup with your squad in the anti tank position. By the hut.

When regrouped then follow your squad up the trail.

When you come to the clearing, head to the left towards the friendly tank.

Get behind the tank and use it for cover. Kill any enemys you can while folling the tank.

When the tank stops. Look to the left side of the tank. You will see an entrance to the caves. Head towards the entrance and watch for enemys exiting the caves.

Work your way through the caves clearing all enemys.

You will come to a clearing. Stay to the left. Clear all enemys then continue through the caves.

Throw smoke grenades into the Artillery Room. Slowly access the clearing and kill all enemys.

When you finish clearing the room regroup with your squad.