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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 8 - Blood and Iron

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Neutralize all 4 enemy artillery

Follow the road. Take out enemy tanks as you spot them down the road.

Use your radar and look towards the stars. There labeled for the enemy artillerys.

Take out the first artillery. Its to the left of the road.

Turn to the left and head in front of the burning house. Watch out for enemy ground troops with rocket launchers.

Continue to follow the road. There will be a tank on the right in a field. And the second Artillery will be to the left of the road on a hill.

Continue to follow the road. You can run right over the fence to get around the truck.

As soon as you go around the truck to the left on the road will be another enemy tank.

To the right in the field there will a bunch of enemy tanks. Take them all out.

After taking all the tanks out in the field use your radar and head towards the star and take out the third artillery.

Take our the final artillery.

After takeing out the last artillery head north down to the road. Then west along the road to the radio tower.

Heading down the road you will run into two enemy tanks. Take them out.

Destroy the Radio tower. Then continue to follow the road.

Watch for tanks gaurding the radio tower.

Follow the star on the radar and rejoin with the main Russian Army.

On the way to the Russian Army there will me more enemy tanks to take out.

Continue to follow the road to regroup.

Break the German line and reach the train station.

There will be a line of enemy tanks. Take out the towers from a distance then the tanks.

There is a total of 6 enemy tanks. Use your radar to locate them.

After taking out the last enemy tank drive around the enemy base and meet with Russian troops at the train.