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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 4 - Vendetta

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Crawl towards Sgt. Reznov.

Follow him to the first snipe point.

Pick up the Sniper Rifle.

Sgt. Reznov will give you ammo to reload the riffle.

Eliminate all Germans in the street. Make sure you take them out while planes are flying overhead to keep your stealth.

There is 6 total Germans at the first location.

After clearing all the Germans dogs will come chase you. Stab the dogs to stop them.

Follow Sgt. Reznov.

He will lead you into a building.

Continue to follow him through the building.

Follow him out of the building.

He will lead you into another building.

Follow him up stairs.

Defeat the enemy sniper in the building across from you.

Click left analog to hold your breath and steady in on the sniper... The sniper does move around in the building and is kinda tricky to get.

Turn around and keep following Sgt. Reznov through the building. If you lose him right as you walk into the next room go to the left and head down the stairs.

Sgt. Reznov will be at the bottem of the stairs.

Keep following Sgt. Reznov.

The Germans will light the building your in on fire get down to the prone position and crawl. Keep following Reznov.

Get up and follow him through the blazing building.

Continue to chase him up stairs in the flaming building.

Jump out of the burning building.

As soon as you jump out of the building some friendlys will come meet up with you.

Continue to follow Sgt. Reznov up the ladder and support your conrads with sniper support.

Once up the ladder follow Sgt. Reznov into the building.

Spot and locate enemys on Sgt. Reznov cue snipe enemys.

Look in the outlying buildings for enemy snipers.

Take out the machine gunner in the building aswell.

Take out 4 guys on the roof to your left.

Continue to follow Reznov to the next snipeing location.

Heading to the next snipe spot you will come to some enemy gunfire on the building tops.

After clearing the enemys on the rooftop make your way into the next room.

Snipe the machine Gunner in the back of the armored truck. Also take out any other enemys on the ground you can find.

In the top window of the building there will be another machine gun.

Guys on the top story to the left as well.

Continue to the right and follow Reznov.

Go down the stairs and through the hole in the wall.

Make your way through the doorway

Go through another hole in the wall then go to the left. Sgt. Reznov will be running there you can use him as a guide to follow.

Snipe enemy forces in the courtyard.

Kill General Amsel. He comes out of the building where the two nazi flags are hanging.

In the screen shot below hes to the right of the crosshair.

If you wait to long to kill him he will get in a vehichle and hide.. Which then you must shoot the driver so the truck stops. He will then get out and give you an open shot to kill him.

Next turn around and follow Sgt. Reznov to the next room.

Follow him up stairs.

Reznov will take you to the window jump out the window.