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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 3 - Hard Landing

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Follow your squad to the crash site.

At the crash site beware of the ambush. enemys will come out of the trees to attack your squad.

Continue up river where you will run into more enemys.

Continue to follow your squad into an enemy camp.

Head into the camp and assault all enemy bunkers.

Slowly make way towards the first bunker eliminating all enemys on the way.

Kill all enemy threat in the bunker.

Make your way through the bunker and meet with your squad on the far side of the bunker.

Continue to work with your squad through the camp eliminating enemys as you go.

Lay suppressing fire on the bunker. To help squad members get closer to the bunker.

If your squad member with the flame thrower gets hit from an enemy in the bunker you must go pick up the flamethrower and get to the bunker to burn out the enemys.

Retrieve the Flamethrower.

Burn the bunker.

Head west from the bunker and advance towards the airfield. Go through the building

Head out of the building towards the airfield.

Follow the road.

Watch for enemy attacks in the trees and in the grass.

Continue towards the airfield just over the hill you will come to a building. Clear the building.

(tip: I found that it was easier to access the building by throwing smoke grenades on the far right side of the building and then running to get a little closer to the action.)

Then access the building on the right side.

Work your way across the bottem story clearing all enemys on the first floor.

Head threw the doorway on the other side of the bottem floor in the building.

Right when you walk into the doorway if you go right you will find a death card.

Head up the stairs.

Clear all enemys on the second story.

Follow your squad right out of the building to the airfield.

Head out to the airfield eliminating all enemy threat.

Stay with your squad they will lead you in the right direction.

Your squad will take you to a bunker.

In the bunker you will find a Rocket Launcher. Pick it up.

Destroy the three enemy tanks. You can find more ammo for the bazooka in bunkers.

Its easy to spot enemy tanks by using your radar there red and have a star emblem on them meaning objective.

Head towards the enemy buildings. Kill enemys on the way there.

Meet with your squad by the entrance of the building.

Go to the right and work your way through enemy forces.

Take out the 4 AA crews and secure the bunker.

Defend against counterattack.

Watch for the truck. Shoot it and blow it up before the enemys can get out of it.

Get on the Triple 25 AA gun and take out the enemy tanks.

A friendly airstrike will come and finish off all remaining enemys.