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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 1 - Semper Fi

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First thing you do is right after Sgt. Sullivan hands you your pistol pickup the rifle leaning against a box to your right. Press X to pickup the rifle. Walk around the box where you picked up the rifle.

As soon as you walk around the box the main buildings in the village will blow up.

To the left theres a boat dock that leads up towards the blown up village. Follow the dock. You can sprint by pressing down the "left analog".

Heading across the dock you will come into some enemy gunfire. Clear the enemys. You can crouch behind things by pressing "B".

Head down towards the beach straight ahead to another dock that leads up to the next building.

When you come up to the building an enemy on fire will attack Pvt. Ryan. Shoot the enemy off of him.

Follow the docks to you come to another building which you can go left or right... Go left around the building.

There will be stairs that lead down to land. To the North on your radar theres a gunner in a building, take him out before he takes you out!

The beach will be flooded with enemys. BEWARE!

Follow your squad out of the town and into the jungle.

Your squad will stop. A Member of your squad will go check out the situation to get himself stuck in a trap. At the same time your squad will get in another battle against enemy forces. Win the battle then continue to follow your squad.

You will head up a hill on the downside of the hill there will be a enemy spotlight in a tower to the left of your screen make sure to take him out first to eliminate the risk of losing members of your squad.

Now with the spotlight out take down the rest of the enemy forces. After clearing out the enemys head to the river to meet with the secondary squad.

After you meet with the secondary squad they will start to head up river. Follow them.

You will come up to a clearing where theres enemys dead on the ground.

There will be a flare that blinds you and your squad will be ambushed all the enemys will get up and attack your squad. Clear the enemys.

Continue with your squad up the trail to the left.

Following your squad you will end up entering a camp of enemys.

As soon as you enter the camp there will be a truck in the street run up to the back of the truck.

Stab a hole in the tank in the back of the truck by pressing and holding X behind the truck.

After cutting a hole in the tank gasoline will pour out and the truck will roll down the hill. Sgt. Sullivan will light the trail of gas on fire and eventually make the truck blow up.

Follow the burning trail till you get into the camp.

Go to the left and head down to the bunker to plant explosives in the enemy ammo bunker.

Cpl. Roebuck will open the door to the bunker.

Once inside the bunker go to the right and press and hold X to plant the explosives.

After planting the explosives head right back out of the bunker and head straight out of the bunker straight to the river.

As soon as you make it to the river on the boat the camp bunker and buildings will all explode.