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Call of Duty 5 World at War Walkthrough Mission 6 - Burn em out

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Eliminate the Three mortar crews.

Follow Sgt. Roebuck. When he stops, look to the right if you look above the bunker you will see an enemy gunner.

Throw a smoke grenade towards the enemy gunner to distract him and let your squad make safe passage.

After throwing the smoke grenade continue your way through the bunker.

Once you go around the corner to the left you will come into enemy gunfire. Work your way straight through the enemys and into the first mortar pit.

Watch for enemys standing on top of the bunkers.

Be carefull when you get close to the mortar pit enemys will charge you and attempt to stab you.

Once in the bunker use your flamethrower to clear the enemys in the area. Its very easy to clear the area with the flamethrower.

In the Mortar pit theres a small room in the back. Clear all enemys inside the room.

Once the first mortar pit is clear head back out the way you came in.

Once out of the first mortar pit the bunkers continue to the left.

Continue with your squad through the bunkers clearing all enemys and working your way to the second mortar pit.

Becareful. When you walk under the foot bridge right around the corner to the left is an enemy gunner.

To the right of the gunner the bunkers continue there will be more enemys shooting from behind barrels at you.

Look up! Watch out for enemys hiding up in the trees!

Continue on threw the bunkers go around the corner to the right. There will be more enemys standing above the bunkers shooting at you.

Clear the enemys and continue through the bunkers.

Once you clear the enemys head into the bunker straight ahead.

Beware as soon as you enter the bunker an enemy will come rushing towards you.

As soon as the bunker is clear head up the hill.

At the top of the hill is the entrance to the second mortar pit.

Clear the pit.

In the pit, to the left is an opening to continue through the bunkers.

Continue to work through the enemys through the bunkers. Watch for enemys in the trees and on top of the bunkers.

Go around the corner to the left and keep working through the bunkers.

When you make the next corner to the right theres a ton of enemys and another enemy bunker entrance directly around the corner on the right. Flamethrower makes it easy to clear the bunker.

Clear the bunker.

Head out of the bunker to the right and continue.

Around the corner to the right is another bunker entrance. Clear the enemys coming out of the bunker. Then head into the bunker.

Once you get close you will realize theres two bunkers, Clear the one on the left first. When it is cleared head to the bunker on the right.

As soon as you enter the second bunker you will head down a long hallway. at the end you will go through a gate. as soon as you turn the corner there will be alot of enemys to work through.

When you turn the corner also watch for enemys firing on you from above the bunker in the hole.

After clearing the enemys in the opening. Continue through the bunker.

You will exit the bunker straight into the last mortar pit. Clear the mortar pit.

Regroup with your squad in the back of the mortar pit.